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  • Rocket.knight.777

    I've been a major fan of this show since the beginning, and watching it is giving me ideas for my own twist. However some of my ideas could be, shall we say, controversial. I'm a long way from from even wanting to start the possible One Piece fic I've been thinking up for a while, but I wanted to ask you guys what you'd think about the following in regards to a group of pirates who would start their adventure either after the Enies Lobby incident, or during the two year time skip.

    1) If the captain of this crew who all had Devil Fruit powers could control water

    2) If a crew member was a member of the Shandia tribe who banished himself from Skypiea to try and become stronger so to fight God Eneru.

    3) If Lil from the Accino Family became a crew…

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