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Now I know 4Kids didn't do one piece any justice and Funamation will try hard, but not get even close to what Oda has been accomplishing with the manga and anime in japanese, but the english is still okay to watch and I could see people enjoying themselves while watching One piece in english. I myself watched episode 1 through 25 in english and I didn't mind it, but the original stuff just blew me away, now my little statement here. I keep noticing throughout the wikia that people mention One piece episodes probably starting a bit before Skypeia and continuing very far into the series in english and being aired on television(check Bartholemew Kuma's page about the word bible being taken out). I wanna know who the heck gets this random miracle channel and sees these episodes because One piece hasn't aired around the eastern coast since around Arabasta and maybe an episode after the arc was completed. I know thats when 4kids dropped One piece and FUNamation picked it up, but I still would like to know how people are accessing this content THROUGH television debutes.