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Luffy's Impending Doom

Rij lee February 17, 2012 User blog:Rij lee

Will Luffy end up dying just like what happend to Gold Roger? Is this the curse of being a Pirate King?

Well I hope this will not happen so that the OP ending will be a happy one.

So why will Luffy die after the so called "Final War"?

1. Tension Hormones- These hormones never heal a person's body. It will just deceive the body by giving an intense adrenaline for a small amount of time. As said by Emperio Ivankov... it will decrease some years to luffy.

2. Gear Second- As said by Rob Lucci, shortens Luffys life force dramatically, increasing the chance of having a shorter life. Maybe because of the distortions of metabolism in his body.

So what are your opinions on this matter?

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