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We all know that Rumble Ball distorts the devil fruit power thus giving Zoan-Type Devil Fruit users additional transformations. But... what if Paramecia Devil Fruit users such as Brook, Nico Robin and Luffy takes it, what will happen?

Certainly, there will be some dreadful side effects whenever overdosed.

Possible Rumble Ball effects:

Brook- Ahm.. Maybe invulnerability/invincibility, even if his bone breaks for a certain amount of time where in the drug takes effect, still he will never die.

Nico Robin- Its possible that she'll have stronger limbs and can have multiple clones or a million limb, or maybe... a giant Clone.

Luffy- Since his rubber, he could be more elastic or a metal like transformation (vulcanization as said) just like his Armament Haki, or maybe he's more more versatile/tougher to withstand heat and coldness.

I would like to see some comments if the Rumble Ball is used by other Devil Fruit users such as Paramecia and Logia.