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    We all know that Rumble Ball distorts the devil fruit power thus giving Zoan-Type Devil Fruit users additional transformations. But... what if Paramecia Devil Fruit users such as Brook, Nico Robin and Luffy takes it, what will happen?

    Certainly, there will be some dreadful side effects whenever overdosed.

    Possible Rumble Ball effects:

    Brook- Ahm.. Maybe invulnerability/invincibility, even if his bone breaks for a certain amount of time where in the drug takes effect, still he will never die.

    Nico Robin- Its possible that she'll have stronger limbs and can have multiple clones or a million limb, or maybe... a giant Clone.

    Luffy- Since his rubber, he could be more elastic or a metal like transformation (vulcanization as said) just like his Armame…

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  • Rij lee

    Luffy's Impending Doom

    February 17, 2012 by Rij lee

    Will Luffy end up dying just like what happend to Gold Roger? Is this the curse of being a Pirate King?

    Well I hope this will not happen so that the OP ending will be a happy one.

    So why will Luffy die after the so called "Final War"?

    1. Tension Hormones- These hormones never heal a person's body. It will just deceive the body by giving an intense adrenaline for a small amount of time. As said by Emperio Ivankov... it will decrease some years to luffy.

    2. Gear Second- As said by Rob Lucci, shortens Luffys life force dramatically, increasing the chance of having a shorter life. Maybe because of the distortions of metabolism in his body.

    So what are your opinions on this matter?

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  • Rij lee

    Gold Roger's Power

    January 10, 2012 by Rij lee

    I still have no idea what powers/strength Roger possess. Does he have any Devil Fruit? Is his Haki much superior than Rayleigh? Or he is like Garp, someone who has immensely terrible strength?

    Still Oda have not yet shown us any detailed battle about Roger's specific abilities.

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