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Trouble for the marines 4: Cannonballs with a present

Brook: I can't believe my own eyes, but I don't have any eyes, yohohohohoho SKULL JOKE!

Usopp looks uses his eyesights and sees Kizaru on the ship: WHAAT!??! what the hell is he doing here!?!?

Sanji lights his cigarette and exhales some smoke: Seems like we have some trouble...allot of trouble...

Chopper: And Luffy isn't here...

Franky: WE NEED TO FORGET ABOUT THAT!!! The Sunny-go is in danger!! If he hits it, we're doomed

Usopp: But why didn't they start attacking...

Franky: We'll attack them first then, FRAAAAANKY ROCKETS!!!!

Chopper raises the anchor: Franky, get us out of here!

The rockets fly towards the enemy ship, some are hit by marine fire,

but 4 remain and explode on the ship creating a huge mass of smoke


it clears and a huge wall of bricks protected the marine ship.

Cannonballs are fired as Franky begins to move the ship as away as possible.

Franky: Guys, fill the ship with some cola!!! we have to get the ship out of here!!!

Usopp: I'm gonna take care of enemy fire till then!

Chopper: I'll fill it!!

Sanji dissappears and Brook jumps off in the water and starts running off to the marine battleship

The cannonballs fired from the marines explode suddenly and on the beach a huge explosion occurs as well. Its Sanji that blocked Kizaru on his way

(In the village panick erupts, shouts are heard as people begin to run for their lives. Shouts are heard: NOO, they're gonna fight the marine admiral!!!!! If we'll stand here, we'll die from the battle!!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?!?!? Children are crying as they run away. The man that shouted at Nami stands there and another villager comes and tells him to run too

but he responds: It's their fault this is happening ... I thought something would happen when such a famous man arrives here, but still (he looks very amazed)

a marine admiral to come! and he calms down and stands down on a rock nearby:

Just go... and the villager runs away terrified being the last from the big group and the old man watches the clash.

Usopp: HEY BROOK, WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?!??!(he shouts as he notices Brook on the water)




Usopp: WHAT?!?(he sees the explosion on the beach clearing up)


Cannonballs hit everywhere, but he dodges them all and starts slashing the ship

Brook: Hanauta Jucho: Umigiri (a huge strike-like shockwave is created as Brook releases and brings his sword back)

Hontoni comes fast and deflects his strike with his Nidai Yasuko, a Ryuwazamono sword, very light and longer than a normal katana, it can move very fast and it has great resiliance.

Chopper loads the second barrel of cola into the ship.

Another round of cannonballs is fired and Usopp shoots more popgreens.

Some are shot down themselves.

Three cannonballs have silloettes on them and they're aproachign fast.

Chopper brings the last barrel of cola: I brought the last one!

Franky: Ok, load it fast Chopper!!! we don't have enough time!

One of the silouettes jumps on Franky with 2 combined huge brick fists heading at Franky trying to break his neck. Franky stops the attack with both hands with one finger he destroys the cannonball.

Usopp fires at the incoming cannonball with an explosive shot and destroys it, the one on it escapes by jumping on the shore and Usopp gets down as well: Chopper, take car eof the ship!

Franky tackles the pile of bricks off the ship slamming it down into the sand.

Chopper loads the last barrell of cola and runs to the ship helm. The last cannonball misses but the one on it jumps off and grabs Chopper by the neck and brigns him down.

Chopper: You can't stop me, I will protect this ship (he releases himself, gets to the helm and uses Coup De Burst!)

The Sunny-go flying on the other side of the island escaping the last cannonballs fired at it while some villagers look at it amazed, the marines as well while Kizaru: A-we-some poweeer yoou goot there....

Brook evades more cannonfire and gets on the ship, where hontoni stands right in front of him

Sanji with an angry face: I don't care about that idiot, but he's with Nami; SO I'M NOT LETTING YOU GO ONE STEP FURTHER!!!!!

Kizaru: Yoou guys are...reeeallly scaary....

Franky is thrown back landing on his feet standing face-to-face with Tetsubaru

Tetsubaru: GUHUHUHUHUHUHU, time to beat some justice in you!

Franky: Oh yeah?! I'll show you what this SUUUUUUPAA BODY can do!

Usopp looks at Shimibaru as the sand clears and see how guns come out of him

Usopp: Oh!! so its a gun that ate a devil fruit...but wait...didn't Chopper eat the hito hito no mi?...

Shimibaru: banbanbanban!(his laugh that is actually the sound of a gun: bang) What an idiot I meet, I see youa re that Sogeking person; I am not a gun that ate a DF, I am a man that ate the ban ban no mi(bang bang fruit), which lets me transform each part of my body into a gun, like this (he transforms his hand into a gun and shoots)

On the Sunny-go Chopper punches the person attacking him throwing him away.

Chopper: I see now, a devil fruit user...(he sees a large hyenaman)

Jack(smirking): So it's finally time to avenge them furururururururu!


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