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The signatures I have created

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As requested from SHB, this is a blog where I will present you all the signatures I have created:

So this is a freaking lot of code in source mode, so I can at least tell you that the sig I spent the least amount of effort on was my 3rd, "joke" sig and the one I spent most amount of effort was on my 4th sig....I worked for more than a day along with Levi on it and it was horrifying, my internet was at least.

So whose sig do you find the most awesome from all the sigs I made until now?

Also if you'd ask me what my favorite sig from this entire list is? Well it's the one I made for Nacchy, it has my favorite color and a very awesome design. I should thank Roa for that circle character used in her sig also her shadow XD, it's a great achievement to stalk a stalker!

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