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Spoiler! Spo- oh who cares about this blog being a spoiler!?!?! this whole wikia is a spoiler! you can guess by the title so if you don't want to spoil it, look at the title first.

Now this chapter was simply, to put it in 1 word: AMAZING!

Shirahoshi is not so weak mentaly and she managed to keep her promise to her mother 10 years!

Hody tells her she's stupid(you can do that too, but if you read the chapter its pretty hard to do) and then he hits the brothers and king with more water, Well it doesn't matter! King Neptune is about to be decapitate when some kids ask Shirley when Luffy's gonna destroy the island, what an interesting question right? then all of FI starts asking Luffy to destroy the island! That wis freaking funny!!!(for me at least) I laughed so hard at that part since it was so ironical!!! so awesome that I was overwhelmed! So Luffy MAKE AN AWESOME ENTRANCE! THE KING IS GONNA BE DECAPITATED! SHIRAHOSHI: LUFFY- SAMA!

Megalo does something weird in a corner and then he pukes...blargh...BUT WAIT! THE PUKE IS MOVING! IS THAT! OH!!! ITS LUFFY! LUFFY GOT PUKED!!!


Wait, he actually does that! since he sends Super Saiyan Hody in a short coma! then Nami in stealth mode(WAIT! SHE CAN BECOME INVISIBLE!! NAMI HAS THE ULTIMATE HENTAI POWER!) and she does the usual, she steals something from some unsuspecting, poor, citizens(NFP actually) a very important document from the Tenryubito! gratz Nami and also the key, Robin then fast unties the king and the princes and in the same, LOOK AT THE SKY! is it a bird? is it a plane? is that a freaking lion and a whale?!!? WAIT! ITS THE SUNNY GO! and you got the whale part right... WAIT FRANKY WHAT ARE YOU-




Ikaros: Fire? where?! Muhhi!(he starts bending over)}

Then they disembark! onto the ultimate pose! AWESOME!

Freaking amazing chapter, what do you think about it?