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It is an idea for Kaido's DF

Death DF user will touch anybody and the person will die, he has to touch that person. If the opponent has Haki like shanks then that person can use haki to disable the Death DF power and also beat Kaido to pulp. If Kaido get hit by a bullet then he will suffer the death fate just like a normal human but if he can touch the bullet before it hit him then he can turn the bullet in ash and he will be saved. if kaido also has haki then his fight with a haki user will be like the one between shanks and WB. no victory. if someone fought Kaido without haki then they are done for. Bonney has power to make people old but she can't kill people because people live the many years written in their fate (poetic indeed). But Kaido's power is little dangerous cause well he is one of the most dangerous pirate in OP. Like it or not but this is my opinion. people have different opinion and they can stick to it but they have no right to call others idea bullshit. respect is earned after a great effort but you can lose it in a blink if respect turns in injustice

well OP has been surprising us for more then 10 years so having a Death Death No Mi is not that big of surprise. Oda lets his imagenation wild when making Op and the example is Brook, Water 7 and i mean Entire OP. Nothing is impossible or overpowred cause no matter how strong a person is he will die someday. Ex Whitebeard, The strongest Man on the earth, Gold Roger. this two were the best of their time but if Kaido comes in front of this two. Whitebeard's one punch will be enouh to send kaido to hell. kaido is not a god because he has a death DF. he can die even by Ussop's bullet. thanks for your time and coprotion.

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