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Shirahoshi or Jinbe? part 2:What about now??

After this last chapter, do you still think I'm wrong? :))

Do you still think she's weak after doing that XD( if you don't know what I'm talking about, read chapter 625) :P

Instincts never lie

Who do you think the 10th straw-hat will be?

It is also known that Oda wanted to add the fishmen in the series from the start, it seems like he wanted to make a fishman part of the crew, the reason why he even added the fishmen race to One Piece

He waited long enough didn't he?

And also sorry for being so big-mouth, the shock that I might be right(which is very rare) took it's toll by making me arrogant. Please reconsider on your choice on who the next crewmember will be after this chapter last chapter.

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