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Finally, it's been a year since I joined and I never could have imagined that just so much can happen in one year!

It's just so much that I bet I can't even remember half of it! XD

So many major events happened, but...also smaller ones. But during all this time, I've met so many incredible people and saw how special each of them is, or I tried at least. I tried to understand as much as I could. I even got to become a chat moderator. Over 6000 edits is how much I got until now. At first I achieved 1000 edits in less than a month! Then another in another month and so was the third time I edited 1000 times in one month or so. That was somewhere in August, but school started and many things happened so my edit rate slowed down... really a lot.

Througout this time I got to become an admin on a few minor wiki's where just some users from the community participated in. They are w:c:sagaofamadeupworld; w:c:opwar; w:c:onepiecewikicomic.

I edited articles, forums, profiles, templates and so on! And I started working with wikitext way back, about a year ago XD in june or so. I learned how to create signatures and small things.

I created predictions and lots of blogs, it was always so much fun since I joined in "The golden era of blogs" when blogs were blooming and predictions were coming out every day. I wrote predictions myself! And during the summer I tried creating a prediction series regarding the SH going to a roman style island. I wrote half a notebook XD. But it was never finalized...

When I came home from my grandparents in August, I created the profile I have today, I learned how to use templates properly and how to create them and so many other things and that is when I started creating signatures!

And for all the time I have spent here, I created so many memories together with the community of this wiki and I would love to thank everyone that I share a memory with, I would like to start with...


Caring, yeah, she is one of the first people I ever talked to on the chat. She was kinda my first friend. I RPed with her for hours at time, the chat was always so empty and RPing with her was a lot of fun! She did not judge me, care about who I am or what I do, she did not care about anything like that at all! She just RPed with me and no one cared at all!! Back then there was no PM, but it wasn't necessary either, we just RPed on the chat like we had no worries in the world XD. And also when I came home in August after my trip to my grandparents, the first day, I woke up pretty early and joined the chat, I was happy to see Caring and then there was someone new on the chat.


Ace, there, in that morning I also met Ace for the first time. Ace was talking to Caring there, but in a tone and way that I was shocked about... They were having a quasi-serious conversation! Ace was having that type of conversationg with the fun, with-no-cares-in-the-world easy-going Caring that always RPed with me XD. It was night for both of them and she was reading, I clearly remember that she was reading while chatting with us! For the time being, until septmeber or not even sure until when, Ace joined the chat regularly. But then she stopped. And rarely joined, from time to time. Truly rare occasions, but I PMed Ace a lot, and we just discussed a lot of things and also the wiki! Then I found out Ace is a she. I always believe Ace was a he...BUT I GOT MIND FUCKED! XD We had fun in my medieval blog! We talked for hours sometimes in PM and also I sometimes stood up till morning just to talk to her. It was because I did not know when she would join the chat later so I tried and I got to respect her truly a lot, she deserves a lot of respect from everyone who would talk to her.

I still remember how I fell from my chair when she joined the chat before New Year, sometime close to Christmas XD. Epic moment!


Ace usually attracted a crew of users on chat when she joined, one of those was Wesker a really nice guy. He always was calm, the avarage kind of person, but his averageness on the wiki I was in. People saying all kinds of weird things, his lack of anything specific made him really weird XD. IRONY ISN'T IT? When everyone is weird and special, if someone normal actually appears, that person would be weird too and special as well XD I remember Wesker that you took part in Medieval blog too, along with Ace, not spending too much time on chat and rarely appearing made you one of the normal, yet mysterious users of the wiki. Your presence was rarely felt so you should just join and talk more! You said you have exams so get them over with and just join the wiki regularly! Let's not forget about me trying to get you to help in the saga wiki..but you didn't help in the end too much! I wanted to see your potential, but I failed at getting you to show me XD Either way, all the few memories I have with Wesker are nice memories.


Weirdo, even though he joined way before me joined only later for real, not even sure anymore in what month, one of the other people that got attached to Ace, I still rembemer how suddenly a random orly pigeon appeared on the chat and I was a Weirdowithcoffee there XD. With time and PMs he showed me enough to know he's a cool user. Not to mention his status on the wiki he edits more! Getting pissed off at things easily and me having to calm you down XD. Yeah, I met another grammar nazi on the chat! A weirdo, but still someone I can talk to and laugh at things with XD. Just try to keep calm and enjoy life, even its sad moments :D Laugh at those sad things, don't get pissed off! As confucius said "Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it". Everything has beauty, you just need to look carefully and you have to do that with every user here, you might never know what you will find!


Thinking of grammar nazi's. Ace was one too, there is a grammar police on one of my subpages, I think in my sandbox, but another grammar nazi I met was none other than Franky. Franky edited hell of a load of pages, he had more article edits than me so long ago!!! Back when we both had about 600! But I managed to surpass him XD. A pony lover, but an awesome guy. He took part in the first assault on the MLP chat, I think, way before I was chat mod. Also on my wiki, he showed me something that I as a grammar nazi did now know of from before... which is... THAT "ALLOT" IS NOT CORRECT! "A LOT" IS CORRECT!!! At first I did not trust him, but after a while, I found out that his words were true! Dammit, Franky joined in the same month as me, not so long after me. I even made him read some of my predictions XD and finally he's back!


Murry, is one of the first people I met on the chat and actually talked to. I believe the first I had a serious disussion with! The one of the few people I could share drunk stories with. He and Soul XD. The awesome drinker that's in college and formerly had a dying Roger avatar, now a young Shanks one! I remember how you changed to Shanks, because you wanted a new beginning. New beginning it was, you got 50 edits and voted and then stopped and that was all! One hell of a new beginning it was. On tiny chat, barely hearing you, THT barely hearing me. Me complaining about your mic and THT complaining about mine. Even though everyone calls you Murray, I still like Murry better, because that's how I called you for the first time almost an year ago. And I'm not planning on changing that!


IH :D. I remember... the first blog I ever saw here was one of your predictions, I believe it was Akainu vs. Croc. So basically, I wanted to create an account, because of blogs, which were just so awesome, the first one I saw was yours. You not only inspired me to join the wiki, but also to start writing predictions. All of the predictions I read from you were awesome. And time passed so fast. You became the troll king, you barely joined the chat, and did it only when Shiv, LPK, Murry or DP were on to have who to talk to, to now when you are a chat mod and my dad. You trolled so many people XD. You got banned 4 times, but never cared. After the pony assault and revenge, you were really pissed off on that blog that LPK made, because everypne made a big deal out of it. Yeah. Dramas, you can't stop them when they're on a wiki-scale! But you were always hilarious XD. Serious when needed to be serious, cared when you had to and didn't care when you didn't want to. You earned so much respect from me when you became a father, I finally got to see another IH! My awesome father, it's been a freaking awesome year here and let's make this next year just as awesome! Father/Son Duo of chat mods will keep making this place awesome! :D


Shiv, the first person I annoyed beyond reason and the one who made me realize that there is a need for limits, even on that carefree chat. One year ago...during the RyuPointGame. My desperate need for points made me piss her off so much she left the chat. At first I thought you were a guy though! That's why I exaggerated XD. Summer passed, I didn't talk to Shiv for a long while then came back home. She trolled and trolled and got her title as a troll queen soon after! More time passed and I think somewhere in October I did my protest against the main chat. I only PMed people. Not on the main chat and I held that for at least 2 days. During that time I finally got to talk to Shiv. I managed to stop her spamming (or I believe I did). I also got to see her! Even if it was an image from 2 years ago it was still her! Not even sure if I was the first to see it, but it still made me happy! I kept asking you for an image of yourself as you are now. It was hard, but I got that too in the end. And all that made me happy... I also got to see how awesome you are Shiv. It's sad that I didn't get to meet you when I went to Vienna. It was so awesome when I heard about a trip to Vienna in school XD. Even if lately I have annoyed, and you annoyed me too >_>, you are still an awesome Panda. Panda's are awesome after all! :D So I apologize for all the moments that I was too annoying and let's have fun for another year on this wiki!

Those underlined are the people I respect the most from this place. The ones I consider the best. I believe they truly deserve a lot of respect so please don't disrespect these users!


And talking about Shiv brings me to SARA! It's all thanks to Shiv that I actually got to know Sara, if not for Shiv telling me how awesome Sara is, I'm not sure when I would've found out! Sara is indeed the sweetest user I have seen! My first PM with her was so awkward that I don't even know how now I can PM her about kinda everything just randomly. I remember how you first came here... I always thought about you as "The yaoi-obsessed girl" which I was usually avoiding and afraid to see, because when you were on the chat, the theme yaoi appeared... It was scary to think about yaoi...ugh GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!! NOOO!! It felt like I had nightmares when I mistakenly clicked on your links. (flashback image appears) NOOO! GET IT OUT!! GET IT OUT!!! And right now I forgot about all of that XD. Always fun and enjoyable to talk to, the sweet Sara joined during the period that I clearly remember. There was a group of 5 that I will not forget and I always group you there. The group from August! And your birthday, it was awesome! I remember that it got me out of a depression that I had for some reason I forgot, but what I do remember is that my gift for you... was a yaoi pic...and a sig. XD


LGK, wait, I mean wait...oh yeah! It's LPK! The user I made fun of the most! The one I had a great arguement for the first time in a blog! The one I always annoyed and the one who is the only current chat mod that was named a chat mod before me. The edit whore! Shiv's bitch! The one I created a special place in my sandbox just to note down your nicknames! I invited you in the Ahou Pirates, but you betrayed us! You damn bastard! I almost never saw you as a mature person and awesome user as many others see you. You've been my rival ever since summer ended. Dammit, I still remember the first avatar I saw from you, The heart pirates' mark. Dammit, so many arguments, you fighting that brony was pretty nice. I still rememeber how we just randomly went to other chats, moved to them to have fun. You, Mj and I waited for a chapter once for 6-8 hours!!!! We were so damn bored we even went to the Bleach wiki chat! It was such a boring day, but the chapter afterwards was so awesome to read! Your weird blogs and their stupid titles, but also your love for One Piece are things I remember! Even though lately you got bored, it was still a year on this wiki, which you made a lot more fun by being made fun of! You gay bastard!


And here comes the person that I had the most amount of arguments ever!!! The famous drama queen of the wiki! The biggest aho ever! MDM! My bro...well not my bro, my former bro! The one who is great in animations and the one who hates me. At first I respected him, he was the best and still is the best blogger, I give you that MDM! We fought so much and our first fight, just because of the Shinu Shinu no Mi, hurt me a lot. I must say I cried when I tried writing my message on your talk. Do you know how awful it was to see that I can't send you that message?! Because I was in the spam filter?! I had to ask MoM to send it to you! You even ignored me for 2 months, because I banned your fake account...*sigh* I felt horrible, learned my lesson now. There's no point in arguing with you, it's worse than arguing with a woman XD. But still, it was a lot of fun, inviting you to the crew, fighting you on Opwar, defeating you and your blogs were always funny to read and great to comment on. GMC, be proud of it, just like Tom was proud of his ships! Yours blogs are like your children! THEY SHOULD MAKE YOU PROUD NO MATTER WHAT!


Zori, it's because of MDM that I got to meet such a great girl. Always fun to speak to, even though I don't know her for so long, but I remember for one that she's a blogger, but not one that makes blogs, rather one that comments on them. And I remember how I summoned you to the chat from the first times I noticed you XD. I tried to convince you to join the chat more often, but it seems like works comes over the chat. The last thing I remember was that I almost died when I heard that MDM has gotten himself into a 4some with you...Shiv and Neo... That was one of the biggest shocks of my life. Then I found out MDM was not part of it. Just be less busy from now on!


X, one of the only users that actually visits the chat regularly from that group of 5. He was a pervert, he almost got the title from MDM of aho king, he was the 3rd hentai'O and he perved around every girl from the chat in august and september. Always fun, laughing and failing so hard that I decided to create a new word for that only. It's called xailing and only he can do it. He was the first one to get close to Sara in the fun back then. He even got me to watch Gintama. Good friend with everyone and one the really fun with everyone, as someone who is both an idiot, but also smart. He managed so much, he even got the hang of codes like me. He changed his avatar countless times, more than anyone, he had the title of avatar king as well. The best avatar that he ever had is in my opinion the red edited version of his killer avatar, when I saw what Neo did... it was awesome. IT WAS PERFECT! By now he has calmed down and stopped perving around so much, but as always, he still goes "ew! wtf?!" when he is joking, while at first it was annoying, it has now become reallty funny. And X, as soon as you started editing I was starting quitting editing XD. So I guess it's your fault partially for this. But keep up the good work with the images. Also good luck on the Gintama wiki, I hope you become an admin there.


MoM, I remember this bastard, this bitchy bastard that is one of the only rappers from this place. When he got here for the first, on the chat, I made him a sig, argued with him on how rock is better and we fought it out for a little bit. He is from the same generation as X. A man of principles that sometimes can get annoying, but he's always fun, mostly serious on chat. A bro of X and also one of the perverts from summer that flirted with Sara and he took her right from FD's nose. Almost always complaining, but he also helped out a lot with everyone else in september with the creation of the Saga of a Made Up World. He's the only one that actually isn't a rocker from what I've noticed on my blog "OP, Magnet for rockers?". Always being like a MOM to me...ok...not really... more like us saying "Oh snap!" jokes. I was, I believe, one of the first, if not actually the first person to call him "MoM" instead of "MOM"...MOM is a capsrage of saying mom...HE IS NOT YOUR MOM! HE IS MoM! Just join more often MoM, things tend to get too boring without you. No scandanls, no whatever, just plain borin. Oh yeah, thanks to you and MDM, for telling me off on that night, I later found out the awesomeness of PM.


FD, the one that hates trolling, one of the 5 of that generation. One of the very, very few Usopp fans there is! Always ready to fight me and go against trolling. Before I was a chat mod, I even made a fake account to troll him, I pretended to be him, used his avatar and everything! XD A real gamer and one who has been struck by mistfortune for what happened with MoM and Sara, it was funny though how even though he and Sara lived so close to each other, they both had mostly opposite preferences in One Piece, the thing I remember clearest is that FD, you hated Robin, whilst Sara loved her and you loved Usopp(not in a gay way) whilst she hated him XD. Although you both are game lovers... You, the great Final Fantasy lover, even though it says it's a final fantasy it's been like that for at least 13 times dammit! *sigh*. Well, thank you for you help with the Saga of a made up world "dude" (dude is the word he uses the most and what he is renowned for along with his Usopp fanboyness). One of the first people to actually talk to in PM during my period of PM-only was with FD, and he turned out to be a more caring guy that I thought. NOW GET BACK TO THE WIKI YOU BASTARD! WE NEED USOPP FANS DAMMIT!


And now for the last guy of that generation, the master photoshopper. It's GH. The one that even IH acknowledge as epic-looking for his hoodie-wearing habit on tinychat. He doesn't talk, he watches over the chat. Another one of the crew from SOMW (Just try thinking about it, you'll figure it out yourselves). He and X took care of the images, same went for FD. I remember that he was the only one that showed me exactly how his signature should look like! No one else ever did... He showed me a picture and his signature looks exactly like that. It comes from his never-changed Bepo avatar. I remember he changed it only for avatar events. Otherwise, it remained as that Bepo XD. One hell of a stubborn guy and also the first one whom I accidentaly annoyed with my lack of belief in God... It was over soon, I guess the first religion-related argument I had on the chat was with him... Luckily, we both realized that it was stupid to argue on that and stopped quickly. Oh yeah GH, I remember telling you, if you read so much, you can paint so much in your mind and are so good with photoshop, why don't you try starting a comic? It will be fun! Everyone will surely cheer you up! RIGHT GUYS?!


SP, the other Usopp fan. You and FD are the only ones I think >_>. Either way. How's it going? If you're reading this blog. Did you finally get a GF? Finally?! After so much time?! Let's hope so...Well...either way, you should just get your ass back here. The weird guy who always said weird things and pissed people off, always had to PM you SP... I feel like I might be too tolerant now >_>... Yeah...I guess that without bragging about how I helped you and so on... this'd be all. But, if you need help, just ask me. Also, learn what is common sense's limit to certain things, it would be too weird if you would pass that limit...


NOW HERE IS MY CAPTAIN! THE ONE AND ONLY GRAND AHO MJ!!!! prepared as this might be a long one people. You could start already skipping... that is if you want. If you wish to read what embarrassing things I say here, please read... so basically...MJ, the first time I met you, it was on Roa's blog of KOTH, we were arguing over my e-metal. You really thought you could destroy it, right? BUT NO WAY IN HELL YOU WOULD! It was the reason why my DF was to be known as the Logic Logic Fruit...long story... yeah, that merry avatar of yours, it was as if you were another person... you joined the chat later on and invited me to be part of your crew... back when it was only me and Caring... and Caring's other personality XD. I accepted to join your pirate crew, which didn't even have a name at that time! It was so much being an ahou and all, I ended up inviting everyone else though, you were too lazy dammit. Everyone, even LPK, I convinced them to join... it was so much fun... you were still just like a child though... but still, you were the one that created SOF and you and MDM were like my brothers. I always ended up beating you till almost death. But we still did so many things together... from protecting Caring, you and LPk siding with me and Tucky against Roa, us fighting for the first time with the rules I created, you with Osky...dammit, (I still remember his name!) to creating OPwar together, to having fun on my wiki, to telling you about SOMW in PM, to you creating that wiki. We fought each other countless times, we had lots of fun on the Mediaval Era blog which was your damn idea, your "SUUUUUGEE" and so many other things, all the users I've met and talked to... you know them too. Neo joined and I suggested you to marry her in joke, and it was hilarious that you actually did! XDXDXDXD. The two of us meeting the summer 5! Us talking to Shiv, to Jinbe, to everyone. You damn bastard know everyone I know! From SOF... from this wiki, you've been to every wiki I m- WAIT A SECOND, the wiki's that I actually thought of were actually created by YOU! Except for the Ricizubi wiki, which was created by my bot! SOMW, you made it... OPWAR too... You also felt the pain of waiting for a chapter for 6-8 hours, we went as I said at LPK to the Bleach chat!! You bastard assaulted the pony chat as well, I was there with you trying to see what was going on! I heard you stayed the longest and even befriended one of them...

You even told me what you did for the girl you liked. That bitch doesn't deserve you! For what you did and how you acted like a manga hero XD. After that... Karu joined the chat... I will skip this part... >_> let's say someone fell in love a little too much. Even though it was a nice change... then the things that I remember started changing as well... I don't remember so much happening with you MJ... but I do remember, you were the one that linked me to that place...that golden mine!!!!! The reason why I am so good with sigs now! It was the start to all! I told you to make a sig and you made one! Now I made you a new one which looks much more awesome though... Then Levi linked us to w3school and we both started learning codes... another thing that I clearly must say. Your cosplay was hilarious XDXDXDXD. Not to mention that you were the one that made me use "XD"... Throughout this year, I share the most memories with you. You're as awesome as always, the only one worthy to be my captain.


And since I mentioned her, Karu, is one of the great users from this place. My sister... well not my real sister, but my e-sister. The big shot rookie that seems to have surpassed me in article edits now. Originally, she was only on blogs, rarely beeing seen. But then she was invited to the chat. Her existence, her importance to the wiki grew tremendously in a short while. She took the heart of my captain and she appears to still have it. This girl did not cheat, nor did she use magic to become like this. No! It was all hard work and meric. Her feelings were truthful and she did not speak empty words. Always enjoyable to talk to, she even reached position as a chat moderator. MJ, as always unexperienced in love failed. And their relationship ended. She was also the first of the daughter of Hungry, the first one to open him up. In the chat elections, she was on the first place. For a child her age, she managed extremely well, bothered by so many things, she still faced the hardships whilst still caring. I'm sad to not share many important memories with her... as the only things I have done were talk. For every moment spent talking with you, I thank you. A break? I took a few too. So don't worry. Things will turn out well in the end.


THT, a bastard, the one who I nicknamed LPK2. He has always failed, played fool and acted like a moron. Continously! He spammed, disturbed me! Bothered me with the fact that he had the same sig as Enric and FF! He and his... *barely holding his laugh in* pubic hair afro...*dad's joke was so awesome I cried from laughing* hahahahahaha! Yeah, this bastard! Good friend with X, but you seem to be like an opposite... whilst X is failing by accident, you fail intentionally and whilst X intentionally talks smart, you talk smart by accident. Yeah, THT is the one who has seen my anger and wrath too many times. I always make fun of him and also one of his biggest fails ever. He had a type in his name XDXDXD. But even like this, I still managed to hardly teach you some coding... or was it X >_> either way, because of your avatar, I wanted to make a signature really fitting to it so I create a revolutionary sig for that time. It's what I call a neon-text sig. It was really fitting, but no, you had to change it! I still don't know why Karu chose someone like you... well.. maybe because your fun and you managed to take part in a lot of things that happened here and have always been fun to make fun of. (yeah, I barely felt your presence most of the time so I don't really have many memories with you THT, if you'd like to you can post some of them in a comment...or more comments >_>)


Enric, you are one of the first people from the chat... now that I think about it... it wasn't only me and Caring... I think you were there too, but you were away, not saying anything... always so mysterious and too cool to say anything. I made you join the Ahou Pirates as soon as I could! We even dragged you on OPwar. You with your popcorn, X calling you squirrel, because of this I learned how to type it correctly!!! You were almost always there >_> but we barely noticed you... Even though I remember clearly that on the catalan wiki, you are not just a small bystander that said nothing. You were in the main cast! Along with Brook! I, always asking you about your wiki XD. A nice wiki indeed, you telling me vague information and I being just so pumped up for nothing. Yeah, it was really a lot of fun XD Now that you added me on FB, you don't simply use ":3" or ".-." anymore, you talk! If you'd talk as much as you do with me on FB, you'd be more noticed! Don't be afraid to talk to the chat! Well ofc, when it comes to soccer, nothing matters anymore! Even you forget your shyness and join in! Too bad Barca lost... it was horrifying to see Barca lose so much... But thanks to you Enric, I learned that Spain sucks and that Catalania doesn't and even if it's officially part of Spain, it "isn't"! Thanks a lot for telling me all that and for almost always being there!


Jinbe, the user who is one of the greatest users here. He has commented on many forums including the DF colorscheme one, I actually read the whole forum, just because I was curious of what he said. I even wanted to create Infobox guidelines, because he got my attention on the infobox colorschemes of certain characters, in the end it was a failure. But still, his arguments are always great to read and hard to combat. When I first saw him, he was on chat and Ryu was too, we were all playing Ryu's game and Jinbe was one of the best at it. Things including racist Panda (don't forget, pandas are black and white and come from asia) and pedofish from Decken, he decided to be a pedofish himself. Both of these things are badges that Ryu made for his game. His racist Panda joke was so hilarious at that time that I bothered Shiv with it and angered her beyond limit... He became my favorite user from the whole wiki, but lately he hasn't been here so much... Once, because of a blog of mine, he said he will hate on my next blog, so I made a blog about how awesome he is XD. He was actually absent for a long while. From september till New year and he came back in big style. That moment was simply epic. He joined a few minutes before midnight on the 1st of January his time. That was such a shock ( I literally fell frm my chair) and not to mention the timing. Jinbe, if you'd be here more often, this wiki would be improved more than now. Pedofish and racist Panda... I don't think I'll forget those jokes, they're too awesome!


Ryu, the creator of the Ryupoint game, always a funny character on the chat. I've seen more picture of Ryu than of any other user from this wiki... it's because he was brave enough to post them all on a blog. When he is ignored, he starts talking to himself. The self-named chatlebrity... Not to mention the one who started a comic about the people from the chat! It was funny while it lasted, but it appears to be over now... Too bad...too bad... One of the things Ryu is famous for is not for being a chat moderator, but for being one of the first if not the first user to argue with DP on the chat. Their rivalry (something DP doesn't consider to be a rivalry, but it sounds better when you call it rivalry). With Ryu I only had one chance to PM him for. It was regarding spamming and it proved me how serious Ryu can be. It's too bad he isn't here so much anymore...


Gal was one of the awesome people I seem to have not been able to meet for real. I saw him on only 3 occasions. Once, on chat, with Ryu and everyone at the very beginning, he was very protective with Caring, a true gentleman, but she was still really hard to take care of >_>. Another time I saw him on the SOF chat, everyone was making fun of him as being an okama and he taking all of that like a man. (Ofc I had to make fun of him as well). And on another time when I saw him was on the Medieval Blog, he was having fun with MDM and DP too I think on the blog and everyone was joking on how the reasons for pregnancy in the neighbourhoor are mostly due to his existence XD. I'm unlucky to have not been able to talk to him on more occasions than those. He seemed like a truly great user.


DP, the great admin. The most active one and the only one I have ever seen to have joined the chat. He was also the only admin I argued with. The first argument we had was on one of my blogs which was regarding Shirahoshi joining the SH crew. He and LPK... it was a big argument that lasted for about 4 hours... but still in the end it was fun. I am still impressed how DP is able to create long summaries for chapters. I made a long summary once, but it was nowhere as long as the ones he creates and usually after he finished them, I started adding links, something I haven't done recently. DP's name on chat is a truly amazing one, one which we can all laugh at as most of you should know what it's pornographic meaning is. He is one of the only users who when joning the chat bring up wiki problems, when DP joins, sometimes we actually start talking about editing things! But that doesn't last for long... His jokes and abriged series always make me laugh. And speaking of blogs, I think DP is the user from this wiki with the most blogs ever created! But his blogs are usually not read. The reason for that remains unknown.... and also I will have to apologize to you DP for all of the stupid things that I've done (a long list appears) and for being one of the people that don't usually comment on your blogs >_>. Oh yeah, people who read this and don't know! DP is one of the biggest Sabo haters! Don't mention Sabo being alive around him or something such as that since he might transform into a monster and kill you. :D


BLS, he has always been one hell of a guy. His skills to create predictions have always been beyond reach, BLS, are you sure you're not Oda's son? I hear that once, after he created his prediction, his prediction appeared somewhere as a spoiler XD. He always read my predictions and fanon! Always gave me 10s, he did the same to everyone and has always been modest enough to say he is not Oda or Oda's son or relative or whatever. One of his predictions were one of the reasons why I actually joined and wanted to create predictions myself, but I did like Hungry and wrote predictions of a further future that might not actually happen at all. BLS has almost never joined the chat and I believe the only reason he joined the chat once was because the blogs were turned off... lately he's been writing less than before, but for all those predictions that he has written and made us enjoy, I sincerely thank you BLS. You and Luc (Youn), your predictions were always great, even though I must acknowledge yours were a little better. You deserve to be named the best prediction maker!


But Luc, even if not best, he was still 2nd best. He argued with everyone, always welcome to arguments. On the medieval blog, he, BLS and DP were "brothers", he was the fairy, BLS was the psychic and DP was the grand general, and I wrote the story of how you guys met XD. Your predictions were awesome, and the way you always wanted to rape predictions along with MDM and BLS, it was hilarious. You also started the chat quiz game, which was really awesome. I'm happy to have won at least 13 times. We should really do that again once in a while Luc. Only you, DP and LPK were able to beat me! Oh yeah, how's your GF... it's been a while since you mentioned her.. heck, it's been so long since you were actually active on the wiki. We all miss your rambling and your always weird avatars. The first avatar I saw you with was the badass assasin Chopper back when I was still a noob here... I was afraid to talk to you for some reason... I don't even remember why! But I will always remember that you were lots of fun!


FF, you've always managed to kill the chat, that's for sure, even when someone else did kill the chat, you were partly at fault for influencing that person to kill the chat. Your awayness has been bothersome sometimes, especially since you don't talk too much usually. The thing I remember the most is our battle, I used my first 50.000 fist on you (the only one). It wasn't too hard to beat you and I get the feeling that I even cut your leg >_>. Not sure why, but the point is that I defeated you in the end! So you became the cook of the aho pirates in the end. In the end I had become your teacher regarding Chat haki and seems like I did a good job since you managed to acquire it in the end! I must congratulate you for that! Btw. I think you were the only Neofista that was away on chat when the chat was full of Neofistas XD. Just keep up the good work at killing the chat!


Torune was an user that I remarked from being one of the only 2 people that I remember to hate Luffy, the main character, whilst Luffy is my favorite's you and THT! You were also the damn bastard that was lucky enough to not actually wait along with me, LPK and MJ for fucking forever! But in the end it was lots of fun to discuss the chapter afterwards. Aside from that, I remember X's fetish for swedish blonde's, because of you as you were the first swedish person to join the chat after X joined and it must've been hilarious to see X's face when he found out you were a guy XD. Even though you haven't been here for too much, I still remember you. Thanks for the epic moment with X XD.


Jade, I won't forget about you, my dear little sister. After all, Miss Lateness, you're too much to be forgotten with ease, you've made MJ your "bitch" XD I still can't believe how random these guys can be to randomly pair you up with Swim. You join and they pair you up with Swim! Yeah, it's pretty hard to understand them... but they still seem to have done it well. I must congradulate you on getting an A ;) (You know what I mean) I'm glad I made you broadcast on tinychat once! .... yeah... I'm too afraid to actually talk about too many memories with you since it'd be not so nice to have them shared to an entire wiki XD Either way, it was hell of a lot of fun. SO GET BACK TO LEARNING MATH!


Rizza, you, the one who was first to become my sister here on this lovely chat! I must say I am glad to have met you, thanks Nacchy for bringing her here XD. I was surprised to hear Nacchy talked about me so much >_>. I am happy to hear you finally managed to catch up to the newest One Piece chapters! You said you will start making predictions and I can't wait for them!!! And I am telling you, don't worry, you can bother me with FT anytime, I will simply ignore that and start another topic XD


Nacchy, the biggest stalker around here, being defeated only by Santa! (He knows the wishes and adresses of every child on this planet after all). At first, when I saw her, she had a Dragon-hugging-child-Luffy avatar which was really pretty nice. I really liked that avatar! And because of seeing only guys in her avatar, I thought she was a guy as well at first! It was a lot of fun on MDM's most commented blog with her and everyone else (including MJ, MDM and Caring). I remember that you and Sara were once sister... BECAUSE OF YAOI! WHY YAOI?! THE CRUELTY! TT_TT even you were corrupted... and you said it was because of someone. (looks at that person =_=, you know who you are). So much happened, but those are private things and I'm not posting them on the blog. In the end, thank you for being my first girlfriend, even if it didn't last too long, it was really nice^^. Thank you.


Sff, the God of the chat as we call Sff at times. Sff is the master of the best bot from this wiki. The PX-Bot. Sff is like Levi, one of the masters of coding. Sff's signature was the first test for my signature maker (random template I created). The reason why we named Sff God is because Sff was always away, but still on the chat making Sff look like some sort of God. Sff's avatar was I believe, the only uncolored avatar back when I was new. Sff's lack of talking made Sff look awesome and mysterious and all that staying on chat made Sff look omnipresent on the chat so therefore, MJ and I named him God. He was always hilarious, an example of that being the fact that Sff is still playing the gender mystery game with everyone. Sff is a gender itself! Unknwon to everyone except for me. This has all started from Ryu's comic, where Sff looked like a boy/girl, but no one was sure and after Sff died, only I looked there and saw what Sff is. Sff also helped me a lot and the reason why I have only 10s in Informatics nows is because Sff helped me out a lot. Sff thought me some of the basics of C++ and for that I thank you very much. I will start again with it after school is over and my vacation begins! Until then, do your job as a chat mod dammit and join more often!


Levi, is the other master of coding. His mastery in coding completely overwhelms mine! So stop calling me code master, Levi is the true code master. He was the one that gave me the link from where I was able to learn about HTML and CSS! Not only that, but he is one of the few from the wiki that know how to use javescript (something which I don't know). He also has a bot, just like Sff, but I've never seen it in action so I'm unable to evaluate if it's better than Sff's... Aside from that Levi is also one hell of a great person to argue with. By that I mean that you can rarely counter his arguments as he is mostly right. I've seen him in action enough to realize that there is really no need to argue with Levi. His arguments are way too good and he is also good at pointing stuff out that could be great for improving certain things. He is the admin of the italian One Piece wiki (as a side note) and he is the one that helped me add the time to my signature. It was a battle that lasted at least half a day and it was dealt on my talk and in my signature subpage! This signature   リ チ ャ ー ド   Strong Fist «ℑ» «ℜ» «✩» «☯» Mornin'! ™11:15/5/May/2012 (UTC) . Its code was made by me, but I was only able to add the time to it because Levi was patient enough to help me for a day or so. The bad internet connection, the lack of chat and my lack of experience with coding lead to a great conflict where there were so many problems to solve and so many things to overcome!(slightly exaggerated story) But in the end success! Thank you very much Levi for helping me!


Evan, one of the new users of which I have high expectations. His avatar with Luffy was the best, but sadly he changed it. He was a participant in the Chapter editing tournament, which was a big failure in the end as in the end. It was only some pages being give a long summary, but nothing else. No judging and no prizes... Sorry for that Evan. Your editing on articles and sense of responsibility at your young age have made you noticed by me. I supported you in the chat mod election, but the last vote for Hungry was the result of luck. (coin tossing) Now you are like LPK, when it comes to trolling each other, which is a lot of fun. But even THT is making fun of you?! C'mon! Be a man! You're not actually an Evanna, are you? Oh yeah, you can use my tab style if you want to or whatever. Just make sure you get the hang of it with codes, I like the signature I made for you, but I believe it can be improved by a lot. JUST GET YOUR AVATAR BACK DAMMIT! THAT WAS ONE HELL OF AN AWESOME AVATAR! IT DESERVES TO STILL BE USED!


DJ, the one whose signature I created, but who apparently seems to have created a signature that would be more awesome than the one I made. I acknowledge that! It's nice that you got the hang of codes. With time it will be even easier to use. Even the profile I created for you seems to look pretty good with it. It's amazing how those bastards actually managed to convince even you to watch Reborn! >_> I still don't get what's so great about that series... You seem to have started following the path of new style ahoness! Join wiki chat, be influenced by Dice, MJ or Swim to join OPWar, fight there, join SOF, watch Reborn XD But don't worry, it's pretty much of a fun path. Even if we haven't done much together, it is still nice to have been able to help you! So enjoy yourself as much as you can!


PDA, the reason why I still remember you is because you joined the chat and people wanted to call you Ace, but as there was already an Ace, the only Ace! I gave you the nickname PDA! And everyone started calling you that, even though a PDA has another meaning XD


Serene, the accursed shirtless pic hunter. The one that cursed me to be at the top of her most wanted guys list. Luckily, that curse has been lifted! She managed to get a damn lot of shirtless pics, from Nada, SHB, MJ AND EVEN FROM DP! She's been one of the few people that like me, had fun with SP. She even brought her family here! Which apparently is a pretty big family. Aside from that she is a pretty good artist and the one who said will work on the comic and the reason why my Chatvolution series is still missing one final part! I liked to talk to her in caps, because it was more fun. SO SERENE, JUST WORK ON THE COMIC DAMMIT! I WANT IT DONE SO I CAN FINISH M SERIES!!! And apparently she's against 9GAG, but goes with reddit =_=. Everyone here is with 9GAG! Well most of the people at least! She, like THT, has a grammar error in her name! One thing I won't forget is the fact that her favorite character is Zoro and she was crazy about him being shirtless and all >_>... After all that happened, I started warning new users to beware of her and her shirtless image asking! Even if everyone else is calling her Serena, I call her Serene, because it's an irony, serenity is the opposite of chaos, and chaos is what she brought for a while XD


Hoot, she is the first sister of Serene that joined. At first it was believed that Hoot was Serene's fake account, but we were proven wrong. Although I never got to meet her, I heard from IH how awesome she is... The only things I remember are that she was also one of the friends of SP, that she had a hate for Annie just like Serene and that she used really long hi's... I guess that's all...


Annie, the last sister of Serene to join the chat, the one that was hated by both Hoot and Serene and the one that apparently wanted their good and safety, that's why she joined... in the end she was simply an annoyance and the reason why Serene almost quit this place.


Roa, the reason why the chat first appeared here. I remember that the chat was only experimental and our wiki was the first wiki that didn't belong to the staff to get a chat! He always said he was God, afterwards I said "of ahouness" to make fun of him XD. His blogs were good and his KOTH was a challenge I had to face, the reason I created e-metal. It was actually the thing to have the hill forever, but people still didn't get the absoluteness of e-metal... so I simply gave up. Aside from that, he was the reason opwar wiki exists today, he got the idea for that and, because of doing so, I wanted to make some rules for it. I opened a forum for that, but he was outraged that I opened the forum so he joined the chat and fought against me and Tucky! It was an incredible argument that we had there!!! In the end no one won, but MJ and LPK sided with me and the argument calmed down. The first battle lasted about 2 hours! After that, Roa made his war and I my rules, rules of which I am still proud of today. In the end it all ended well. This person was the person that actually inspired me to work on signatures and stuff such as that! Before me, he was the one who created signatures, but now it is me... I'm sure he'd be proud to see it. One of the funniest things I know from Roa is that he said he never watched porn XD Poor guy. But for all making me start working with codes and create signatures, here I have gotten to so thank you Roa, your avatar is as awesome as it's always been XD The never changing Shanks!


Tucky, the person who is a great Gonbe fanboy, also the one that was really a big fan of top 10s on the wiki. He was the one that made the most of them, until everyone decided to get rid of them and so they are gone. He was the one that supported me against Roa's might and throughout that grand argument which was later to be known as "The war over the war"! During the summer, I didn't see the bastard at all! Thankfully he came back. He helped me out with with my user cards and recently he started the 2nd character tournament which I didn't follow.. And because of a chain of small mistakes he has made, he has become hated. Either way, that lucky bastard was a chat mod for a little while XD. But don't worry Tucky, I don't hate you, we all make mistakes after all :D. Thanks for trying by making so many community relatd blogs and trying to make this place better in your own way. It's sad things ddin't go as you planned, but thank you for trying!


Swim, he is the bastard that joined on this same month last year, but later than me. He asked me for tabs when I was in my tab creating mania (that means, creating different tab color schemes). Not only did he not use them properly, but even when I gave him the other tab style that I with great hardship created (I spent damn 3-4 hours in the night to make them) and he let them go to waste :(. His signature was one of the first I created and also one of the simplest. As a beforehand revenge for what he did, I summoned him to the chat in style on a blog. After he joined, his life was cursed with a chat obsession! Which he hardly escaped. He was also the one that bothered me to start the war already, if not for him, I wouldn't have bothered to create something as awesome as that and fight my rival Dice! He and my captain are the only captains on the OPwar wiki which after a while has turned into the battle ground of the Aho and Espade pirates. He is now the lover of my dear sister and if you dare do something to her... I will kill you Swim :D. You should really join more often dammit, don't let some internet guys cut you off from the internet by mistake like last time. Sue them if they do it! So just join more!


Dice, my bro, one of the very few Romanians here weirdly enough is the one that was able to match me in a fight and in the end defeat me. Even though he can get easily hurt, he is still pretty amazing. An emotional bastard I can say that would do nothing other than follow his feelings. Just like me, he is a deep thinker and good analyzer not to mention that he actually has more luck than me with girls. At least he had a GF, whilst I failed TT_TT. The drama king as I would call him, he is a great drama creator that could actually work as a drama script maker XD. Always in our PMs we had friendly competitions such as flirting with girls XD (I hope no girl will ever read this >_>) and we could talk for hours. He might never stop. Aside from flirting with girls, there were also competitions of who can talk with more people in PM :D. Just like me and dad, all three of us would overuse the ":D" emoticon. Still it was so much fun to do all those things and to fight him... Dice, you're the only one that was able to defeat me, but I'll change that on SOF, I'll make sure you will lose next time, so until then. WHAT ABOUT WE TAKE SOF OVER AND BECOME THE BEST THERE?! I already decided on that. In One Year I hope to become the new Commander in Chief and I will become even more powerful than the sea! Swordsmanship will not be enough to take me down next time! Oh yeah, my character died in OPwar, but on SOF, it's another story. A story to be written soon! I hope you're getting pumped up! I want to make sure you're not planning on leaving SOF soon. (There are very few girls there so you won't have too many reasons to) Since I will want to be able to thank you next year on a blog like this one just the way I'm doing now. :D


Neo, one of the most awesome users here. The 2nd most respected female from the wiki, I must say. Your drawings are as always pure genius and incredible, I still remember back September-October when you joined for the first time and the first thing I had to do was to PM you! I even managed to find out your real name! (wasn't so hard though). She managed to do something amazing! Not only did she manage to revive the good quality blogs, but she even started drawing something I can call the greatest dream that a man can have!!! The panties and ASSES of a lot of One Piece girls... It was too awesome whilst it lasted!!!!! She made so many great blogs, I would rank her 2nd to MDM at best blogger! She created the Neobeam, the editing tournament, she made MJ want to marry her (mostly my influence for this XD) and now she even managed to charm the bastard called MDM!!! The one that goes to every girl on the wiki and asks for a date, but fails in the end! She was the one that actually made me understand that there is a Skyrim joke on the internet lately! She also organized an avatar event for halloween and my avatar must've been the freaking most hilarious one! I HAD A MCBROOK AVATAR! AND IT WAS ASKING PEOPLE IF THEY WANTED BURGERS!!!XD What could be better than that?! Again I muyst say that her drawings are too great! I thank you from the bottom of my soul for all the great, fun moments that seem to have been too much to handle sometimes and your signature now looks really great ;) It was so much more awesome thanks to you Neo... it was so great that I don't even have more original words to use to describe it!

German Shiki

German Shiki, is one of the German users like Neo and Jinbe who I rarely see and manage to talk to, but I still would like to add him here as he is one of the people that I remember to be form Germany. SO JOIN MORE OFTEN SO THE FUN COULD BE EVEN MORE THAN IT IS NOW!


SR, is the friend that Roa invited here to join the wiki. He is not relaly great at grammar and Shiv always had to undo him and their edit wars were pretty funny XD. I remember to have added him to the Medieval blog as a sculptor and he said he actually liked sculpting XD You were good with coding, but not good enough SR. I still remember your Zoro with glasses avatar, it was really awesome. You joined rarely the chat, but you should do it some more! It's a lot of fun! New people, new things to enjoy and more One Piece and pages to edit and nightmares for Shiv to create XD.


WOP, one of the users that have been here for a while, but lately hasn't joined too much. I've seen him on rare occasions sometimes! Your blogs were always enjoyable to read and to comment on and it was fun to see you and MDM. As you called him "sensei" or "master" at times! Then he gave out great speeches to you and to others on blogs XD. You didn't join the chat too much and when you joined, you didn't talk too much :(. I managed to PM you only once or twice! Also your avatar... manga Luffy after TS, I can't get the image out of my head even now! It's a really awesome avatar.


Anarky, he was an user here that followed part of the New Aho path, he joined the OPwar after it was finished and in the end, he didn't get a big chance to do anything. I haven't seen him and his dark avatar for a while. I wonder what he's doing. If you hear me Anarky, just go to SOF and have lots of fun!


Twistt is a friend of Dice's which he invited to OPwar. I haven't talked to him much and at first I freaked out for a bit. "Who is this person?! I never saw him before! Where did he come from?!" then Dice told me and my fear disappeared. One thing I won't forget is the 4 he gave me once XDXDXD.


Whiskey, the legendary tournament creator. The one that created the first successful character tournament! That dog-avatar you have is still just as awesome as it was before! I hope that you managed to fix the problem with your chat or possibly with your internet connection so you could join the chat. Don't forget, just like I told you before, USE GOOGLE CHROME OR FIREFOX! It's been pretty fun together, you're the only guy from Turkey from this wiki from what I remember. Oh yeah, just as it was hard for you in the beginning to make a sig, so it was for me... really hard XD, but look at me now! I'm the sig designer now >_> sometimes it can get annoying, but it's still fine. :D


Kira, the very sweet Kira, whom I PMed from the very beginning and was simply amazed by the fact that I met such a great and awesome new user! Another girl who engaged into a "philosophical" talk with me! She is one of the users I PM most, but sadly she joins when I am asleep or at school which is just annoying and stupid! She actually read my whole fight with Dice and I'm glad to hear she actually liked it XD. I gave her once a challenge, but she failed and she challenged me to finding her house once too! Even know I don't know the adress and I seem to have lost the challenge, but thankfully she forgot!! Oh yeah, her sig looks like a weird batman logo >_>. But it's not "The Dark Knight" it's "Kira Knight". But Dark knight or Kira knight or Shakira, she is still a very sweet girl. I'm glad to have met you Kira! Love you :D.


PX, one of the most serious users here. A great blogger and essay-comments-creator. He managed to amaze me many times with his great long comments that were really interesting to read. Even before I joined, I saw some of his comments. He is also a rarity, he joins the chat only when i's not boring and leaves it when no one is speaking. Aside from being a great One Piece fan, he is also a naruto fan and he wrote a blog about Naruto and One Piece, a comparison I believe. He is also a pretty good editor and he even knows how to deal with wikitext and so on. His profile is impressing, you should check it out! PX is in general an awesome user who can help out with a lot, but prefers to not stress himself too much, there's still other things in life than a wiki, right PX? Thanks for being so awesome, enough said.


Soul, apparently the only one that has a bigger blog than mine (this one) so I would hold only the 2nd place for the longest blog ever... Well Soul is one of the older members, older than me on the wiki, but he became active after I joined. His awesome Shanks avatar is the only avatar I acknowledge to be his, even if he changes it. He is a great blogger and just like PX, a really good essay-comments-maker! He's also one of my good friends who I get along well together. He is on his way to become a famous writer as he already began here with a series on how the battles from Raftel were like. Now it's the final war! I'm telling you! He's gonna become a famous writer! He told me he's writing another series as well! Not related to One Piece. But still. Either way, this man is really famous! HE IS THE FIRST HENTAI'O! Not to mention that he's also one of my nakama, an aho! Soul, if you read this, I have a challenge for you which is TO READ THIS WHOLE BLOG!!!!


Yata, one of the 2 still active admins here and the one with the most edits. He has the most edits on this wiki actually... I believe more than Sff's bot! I've seen him on almost every forum, on a few blogs, a few blogs he made and on important talks! He is everywhere. I also remember his blog with the poll about Sabo being alive or dead and I'm not even sure how many people voted! He's always been here and there and everywhere. He's always been a great help to the wiki and his edit count is a reason for that. He deserves your respect people.


Angel, just like Yata, she has a huge edit count measuring over 20 thousand! She is not even an admin! (she rejected being one) and her essays are amazing, she can write so much out of so little. She is one of the oldest memebers here (both at age and at joining date) and she is a lot of fun. One day she commented on a blog, soon enough MDM replied and she seemed to have replied as well so I took the initiative and go talk to her and I think I invited her to chat in one of those blog comments. It was sad that I only got to talk to her only for a short while on chat when she actually joined. It was a great surprise to see an user such as her on the chat! She who never actually came to the chat. The sadder thing was that every time she joined the chat she started getting headaches and that really isn't nice. Angel, you are truly a nice person and I would like to thank you for that.


Satchi, is one of the newer users that joined the wiki full of energy. Her first account was quickly banned by DP's rashness, but she made a 2nd account by adding a 2 to her username. She wanted to create a manga and I ended up as becoming her editor. I tried to help her how I could, but apparently I'm not that good of an editor >_>. She had quite a few pertty weird blogs, degozaru (I must say). But she was still fun, she even created an AF for me which looks pretty funny XD but also awesome. Here it is! Thanks Satchi once again, I also wish you good luck with everything in life! Try and improve your English skills! Also go get him! ;)


Brook, he is the one that I can compare to Levi, if he would be as active as Levi is here, he'd possibly be his match! Brook is pretty good at coding. Much better than me! Not to mention that he has a bot! A functioning one! Unlike my junk User:Rici Bot. Like Enric, he's from Catalania and he's just as quiet here as Enric is XD. He has as his username says, a Brook avatar and he made the Catalan wiki's custom css and js and so on. The reason why it is pretty awesome at the aspect! He is the master of the catalan wiki and sadly he is too shy to talk to us on our chat... get more courage Brook, even if it might be a grammar mistake! Go for it!


SHB! All of these random users kept popping up in my head when I started thinking about the old times that I forgot about the present partially. My dear aussie mate that loves BUTT SEX so much. I was the first person to talk to you, wasn't I? (I think I was, but I'm really not sure). Your sex stories were awesome and sometimes even funny! Don't you dare forget what you promised to get me when you actually make such a movie! Also don't worry to ask me for help with codes and stuff, even with problems that you have, well as long as they don't concern the OPW >_> I'm not going to calm down new users and such from now on. I'm freeing myself from those responsibilities as I'm moving to SOF! You can come at any moment there! It's really a lot of fun (IMO), but not as serious as the OPW chat. I'll still join the OPW chat though, but not as often, so you can talk to Shiv there and other users. I hope your profile is done with now! It looks great! Pretty much perfect! And your signature is rivaled in public opinions only by Dice's! With that combo, your user profile should be irrezistable to female users ;) XD. Thanks for all the fun and the laughs man, cheers! See ya around!


Kuro, the great coloring guy that sometimes acts like a girl or should I rather say okama XD. He's always fun and cheery and his latest avatars are pretty hot. He's one of the 3 aussies, just like SHB. The thing I'm most grateful for Kuro is that colored image of Mihawk... >_> <_< which I kinda lost....XD. You should definitely get yourself a female Buggy avatar so it can fit with your sig XD.


Croc. Even though he's been here for a while, I only rarely had the chance to see him and just lately has he begun to be active. He is the 3rd aussie from the group that I created in my head (The aussies, just me being random). His username was once mistaken with another word >_>... a word for the genital organ of the males. XD. He has been pretty much fun on the chat and his avatar is of course that of the boss CROC. The big maffioso. It's you that still doesn't have a signature made by me! And I might just create one for you! Just ask me and give me some details, until then Croc, ENJOY THIS WONDERFUL DAY!


JOPF is, I believe, the first user who I eveer sent a message to on a talk and she was also the first to send me a message on my talk as everyone can see in my too-long-to-ever-read-again talk page. I believed it was a he at first, but I was proven wrong, it was actually a SHE! A young girl that seemed too mature for her age, she edited too many pages and worked too much for me to have actually believed she was only 13, and she turned 14 this autumn/winter (I guess it was in december). She loved emoticons and created a weird and freaking awesome list of them! Lasers, robots and so on! I even asked her to teach me Japanese, but in the end she just showed me her lesson blogs for Japanese... She was the greatest spammer I have ever seen, and the reason for her spamming is actually Shiv! None other than our Pandaness, who influenced JOPF to spam. She is also the biggest Ryu fan from the wiki and possibly the only one unless Nada is one too! Once she almost gave MDM a heart attack, but I forgot the actual reason for that, even though it was hilarious. Sometimes she and MDM engaged in what MDM called a spamming dance, I was so annoyed at it sometimes that I just wanted to kickban both of them, but I tried to calm them down and MDM was getting angry at me for not letting them do that >_>. And speaking of music, she and THT sometimes played the Death Walz on the chat (link to youtube) and I kinda got to like that song now... During a period of time, Levi and she joined the chat ONLY to PM each other... well at least they were on chat unlike how they are now, joining the chat once a year... In the end JOPF, I must thank you as well for all the fun we had and for your awesome Fishavatar that oda drew. In the end you were right, I didn't even last a month on LETCA....


ST. He's a big pedo. Enough said. (trollface)


AYET is one of the the most respectful users I have ever seen. He is the perfect model for how the idea new user should be! He is a great blogger with blogs that sometimes challenged MDM's on the top most rated blogs from the respective moment. He writes great essays, is very sweet, he's even getting married and not to mention the fact that his username has a sweet story to it! He adressed me and everyone else with respect and did not become rude in any way. Even when creating his signature he specificated certain things and I managed to make him a pretty awesome and weird signature that represented his somewhat "childish" orientations to One Piece. Someone who would enjoyed One Piece and wasn't afraid to show some child wishes on blogs such as acting like a pirate and so on. He is the one that I can name the best new user that I have ever seen. Not only that, but he even acquired quite a number of edits since he joined, also he is the oldest user from this wiki, 30 years of age! If I'd give a new user my legacy, I'd give it to him! So thank you AYET for the wonderful time and for acting like this, even if it might be hard, you should keep it like this. It was great being able to meet you.


Aki is the only Romanian girl from this wiki. She was never very active and even on chat she was shy, but I hope that she has managed to get rid of some of that shyness, there is no reason to be shy Aki! I able to talk to her only in PM so that means the rest should remain private as well ;D. But Aki, I want you to talk to everyone on the chat and don't be shy to say something, if you do something, what's done is done, it can be resolved later, everything aside from death can be changed and soon they might even try to bring people back to life! You're awesome so you should show some awesomeness on the main chat as well! So thanks for keeping me company in PM sometimes.


Selby, it has been a while since I last talked to her. She is an amazing young girl that does something I was never really able to do. She reads, but she reads very fast! So fast I was too amazed to even speak when she read something I created in a couple of minutes... Also that short lecture she gave me, it was great! She even brought two of her friends on chat to talk to us! The three even decided to work on creating an anime! She even has an awesome username ONEPIECEBEATSBLEACH. At first I thought it was just a troll, but I managed to understand who she actually is. She was even worried TC might kill himself, but that'd be too much of a hassle for him! Thank you for coming here Selby and good luck with creating more awesome reads!


The user that was almost always away, he usually joins the chat, but he watches anime on his stay leading to him being away. Recently I have begun a Gintama watching competition, but I gave up on it Jai.. sorry. At least now the ciaossu problem is solved, but Shiv still appears to not like, but don't give up! Even if I won't join so much, dad will make sure this doesn't become a problem (y). Jai also took the path of New Ahoness, he watched Reborn and joined the OPwar wiki! I hope he's the last of the people to do so since it's pretty weird >_>. He was the user that actually tried to create his own signature and didn't ask me to make his! It looks pretty ok, so thank you Jai, you managed to make it alone and didn't bother me with creating another signature XD.


NWW, he is an user whose signature is really awesome, he is also the only user that I ever saw with a Yorki avatar and Yorki looks awesome! When NWW asked me to create a signature for him I had one of those magic moments! One of those moments when I saw exactly how the signature has to look like and I made it like that, in less than 5 minutes it was done, simple code and he liked it as well! It's the sig with the shortest code from the ones I made! He was also one of the few people that talked to Karu when she was still new to the chat beside me. He is also a pretty good troll and he is like me, probably everywhere, SOF, OPwar and on OPwar he was one of the people that rated my full fight with Dice. Thank you very much man and continue having fun here, there, everywhere!


Nada, yeah, I almost forgot Nada! He is the famous meme king! The one that started the trend of memes on the wiki so long ago with MDM, me, MJ and LPK! He loves trolling, making fun of things and making memes! He is the one that revealed LPK's fetish for old women like Tsuru. Something of which I almost died laughing from! Even now, his jokes remain in our soul, but Nada doesn't, I almost forgot to add him here XDXDXDXD (actually, I wanted to add him 3 times on the list, but I always said...LATER! and ended up forgetting till now) Nada, thanks for all the hilarious jokes you've made and for the memes you've brought to this wiki, you are truly the MEME KING!

Other people I would like to mention

  • FMF, the one that I have not seen too much here, he moved to SOF, I am luckily, the only one that could ever take him down due to my DF
  • Alda, the user with the south park avatar that commented on my first prediction, but he left soon after that, I'm unlucky to have not met him
  • MG, the one that I fought against on a blog regarding bad language, but now all that I said seems to be in vain, he moved to SOF after being banned from the chat by LPK and DP
  • Dragon, a blogger that made a really lot of blogs about the revolutionaries and in the end he left
  • Bushido, a Japanese user who joined the chat a few times, his brother joined the chat as well, but sadly he did not start editing
  • MDN, not MDM, is a girl who joined the chat before and is the real MDN, I have met her only very few times
  • TK, the only Bulagarian user I remember who was one of the blog commenters a long while ago

Taka, a new young, pretty mature for his age, user that I managed to see on chat only a few times

  • Shin, one of the oldest of age, the one that made the damn weird and awesome Rokushiki Robin project
  • Hoze, an user that was pretty awesome, but joined only for a short while, when he joiend, I remember I tested my internet speed and he did too, his was one of the lowest from the chat
  • Kyle, a friend of Nacchy's that coincidentally joined the same wiki and then found out she's here too XD
  • Beast, one of the users that I see rarely, but still joins sometimes, his profile is one of the rare organized profiles
  • Basil, an user with which I had an argument over the Harpy girl from the latest OP chapters, he joins the chat sometimes, but I haven't seen him for a while
  • Arctic Fox, an user that joined on the period of Ace and he soon left for SOF, he was pretty nice to talk to, but I haven't seen him for ages
  • TC, the one that I called Top Cat and the one who changed his username now
  • Kaku, an user that sent me a message once on his talk and the one PX mentioned when working on his profile, I even learned some code from his profile
  • OPN, one of the new users that doesn't seem to be everyone's favorite
  • Lix, someone that left for SOF some time ago, he even went to OPWAR and made THT betray his crew
  • Vamissou, an user that asked me for help with coding, but in the end I refused him >_>
  • Moon, a girl that is part of the Aho Pirates that I haven't seen for so long
  • Duche, a blogger girl that really loved episodes and had a nice Hancock avatar
  • Kray, one of the older users that made pretty nice blogs and the one that has an Usopp avatar
  • BSY, an user that had a really awesome avatar of Luffy and his flag, he once made a blog and wanted to become active, but in the end he didn't
  • Dark Doctor, an user that made nice blogs before including one that managed to reach over 100 comments, on which even Jinbe argued on
  • Zhonke, one of the users that were on chat on this period last year, he had a nice Zoro avatar, he was the first of the many that I saw with such an avatar
  • Jay, one the old aho pirates that was active before and was from the Philippines, I miss him as he has now become inactive TT_TT
  • Awesome, the one I remember as a poet from this wiki as he made a nice poem on a blog before
  • Jango/Marco, an user from the Ace period that had pretty nice drawings and was also lots of fun
  • Jet, a commented on many blogs and even a creator of blogs himself, he has a nice Luffy gear 2nd avatar
  • Choppa4PirateKing, no way I can forget this guy and his long lasting wish for Jinbe to join the crew!
  • Chiro, one of the users that have become pretty much inactive now, but still did comment on blogs before
  • MAD, the one which made a profile article instead of doing it on his profile page and his nickname was going to be like MDM's so we changed it to MAD
  • Sora, an user who is partially narutofan, but he also made pretty nice and interesting comments on blogs
  • Dio, one of the users that joined the chat and tried to edit, but sadly failed, I haven't seen him for a while
  • Luna, a girl that has a Nami avatar and I remember from many blogs from before
  • Strawhat, an user that made many, really many article edits for the anime part of One Piece in a short period of time
  • LK, someone who was pretty much annoying and did not give up on his idea of Bon Kurei joining the SH
  • DSP, one of the newer users that has a really weird avatar and the one that started a series here, his series appears to be the most popular one atm
  • Kizatroll, an Ace hater who also has a hilarious avatar
  • Eddy, someone with which I had an edit war regarding infoboxes
  • Bastian, someone I had an edit war regarding Pell's DF and the 5 powers used for flying
  • Johnny, an user with a coby avatar that was pretty active a while back, but now I haven't seen him
  • MDP, a Greek user that joins the chat from time to time
  • Semi, an user that annoyed me before, but still had a pretty interesting avatar, I didn't see him for a while
  • Brooklyn, one of the users from Ace's period of stay who also had the edited version of Sanji and his cigarette >_> the one with the lollipop

I thank all of you that I mentioned above, for sharing so many moments with me, bad or good!



I also want to make an announcement, I have decided to work mostly on SOF, I might not edit anymore on this wiki, unless they are personal requests, I will create there one of the best characters ever! So if you want to check him out w:c:shipfoffools:Zuberetsu Richard. I'll still join the chat though.

I'd also want to apologize to all the people that I did not add to this blog and to the fact that I was so lazy at the end of this blog. I finally apologize, nah. I don't care if I have awful grammar in some parts.



Rici, out.