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Well, guys, it finnally came!!!!

The cover was awesome, Dr. Kurahe is still herself and alive! awesome!

We'e seen that everyone who said that Hody is weak was close to right, he was weak and still is weak, he can't match Luffy, the Luffy we see now! An Epic Luffy, we saw his haki, it was freaking awesome and then...even better Decken came with his ship on a short visit.

Wait, but first a question, what is stronger? A head or iron? LUFFY'S HEAD! it left a face print on iron!!! HILLARIOUS DAMMIT!, the fishman were all like wth...HIS FACE IS ON THE SHIELD!*the next milisecond they're knocked out*

And now it seems like Vander Decken is a betrayer! he's been betraying his mission, his love, his island, his partener and it seems like its a coup d'etait during a coup d'etait XD lets not forget poor wadatsumi, he fell and got betrayed too!

And then,*sniff, sniff* SHIRAHOSHI WAS BRAVE ENOUGH TO STOP THE SHIP HERSELF BY SACRIFICING HER LIFE! THAT WAS EPIC FOR ME!(somehow the fishman populus didn't seem so sad and shocked by Shira's sacrifice...weird)

Man, Hody is a tank, he dies after getting hit only by an atomic bomb, but he's also able...TO FLY!!! HE FLEW TO THE CHAINS OF THE NOAH!! (man what epic chains those were)

Then Luffy as we all know...

FLIED AS WELL...with Sanji's help of course...BUT HE FLEW....LATELY ALLOT OF PEOPLE CAN FLY!! and Luffy has now a bubble-making coral...SUGEEE...FIRST TREES NOW CORAL THAT MAKE BUBBLES!!!! WHATS GONNA BE NEXT?

Soup maybe? who knows, we'll see everything in the next chapter, after all this time I finally got to use the word epic for OP again, till now it was only awesome, but this chapter was epic, somehow we should've realized(I somehow did think about this possibility that Oda will kinda change the plot since if he didn't it would be just awesome not epic, sorry BLS, but seems like Oda had another idea in his head)

Then there is something fishy about the noah thing, and I don't mean the fishes on it, well I mean them too since Decken is fishy, hody is fishy, shira is fishy, and the ship itself is fishy too since I guess that many fishes died, pooed or peed on it and it became fishy with time, hell, even Luffy became a little fishy since he came to FI, but the fishiest thing is that...on Noah, there are only 4 important characters, Luffy, Hody, Decken and Shirahoshi...BUT NO JINBE! dunno, sounds fishy...XD