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As the blog title suggests, I decided to start an event! It was Neo's idea, but I guess she wouldn't accept HER avatar being the target of the event when she is the organizer. Therefore! I decided to take her place.

It's all about everyone changing their avatars into Neo's for one day. Not so hard, right? 150px-4493594.png

Ok, so what you have to do in order to participate in this event:

  1. Right click on the image
  2. Save the image on your whatever
  3. Go to your profile
  4. Mouse over your avatar
  5. Click the edit avatar "link"
  6. Browse through your files and choose the image you saved previously
  7. Comment on the blog saying how awesome it is
  8. Comment on how awesome Neo's avatar is
  9. For ladies only: Talk to SHB, he's very free it seems
  10. And finally, keep the Neo avatar for a whole day!

This blog was made for the pure purpose of making people enjoy themselves.

For those who want to start dramas randomly (directed at MDM), you could contain yourselves for today. (jk)

But on a more serious note. This blog is for the pleasure of all users, not for anything else. For fun. If you want other reasons, be creative. For example: It's to pay your respects to the awesome user named User:Neowitch!

Have fun with this event.

Oh yeah Neo, I hope you won't be depressed anymore. I realized today that people should do things for their pleasure, otherwise, they turn out depressed. I for one come here, because it's my pleasure. If I would become an admin, even if it's not the case, I would stop enjoying myself, I'd be forced to. Which would suck. I made this blog as it was my pleasure to do it. I haven't blogged in so long, so... thank you. SO I ACCEPT THE FULL RESPONSIBILITY OF MAKING THIS BLOG! So don't be mad, be happy!