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You can change what you are only twice, since if you are allowed more than that, you will just swap for one thing to another and it won't be fun.

This is the medieval world of our community! The story of great battle, conquests, victories, but also small things will be kept here!

  • SFF9:God
  • Dancepowderer: Army comander(Member of the "Great Council")
  • Roranoa zoro: Second in comand of the army(one of the leaders of SOF)(Member of the "Great Council")
  • Panda: the great witch(Member of the "Great Council")
  • Jinbe:the even greater witch killer(Member of the "Great Council")
  • yountouryu: The magical Fairy
  • Yatanogarasu:the King(Member of the "Great Council")
  • 1 winged hawk: the Queen(Member of the "Great Council")
  • Levi:King's chaunceleur(Member of the "Great Council")
  • LPK:Famous chef/critic(Member of the "Great Council")
  • Sanji the cook: LPK assistant
  • Caring:Defenless princess
  • Galcion.Blue Knight(Member of the "Great Council")
  • Moon: Great female warrior of the east
  • JOPF: Druid who translates the animals language for us puny humans(Member of the "Great Council")
  • Hungry: Head of the royal gurads
  • Rici:Beast tamer(Partial Member of the "Great Council")
  • MDM: The Famous black knight
  • Blackeneded soul: Hooker Reaper
  • Choper fan:Expert tactician
  • Fire fist Ace: Son of the Demon
  • MJ: Head of Sky knights (Creator of the secret organization SOF and one of the leaders)
  • FMF: Water knight (Ruler along with MJ and Rora of the SOF organization)
  • Fire fist.Weapons manufacturer
  • BLS: Psychic and expert tactician
  • Ryu: Royal jester
  • Torune: Expert archer
  • Piece: Silent Fencer
  • Px-15: Blacksmith
  • Rora-bot: Army special weapon
  • PX-bot: Godly weapon of judgement
  • ST: The famous Pirate of the Indigo Sea(Member of the "Great Council")
  • Yazzy: Army coach(Member of the "Great Council")
  • Chiro: Theatre performer
  • Awesome: Poet
  • WillofOP: Cartographer
  • German Shiki: Werewolf
  • White Hunter Smoker: Safety keeper(sort of a policeman)
  • Den Dace: Arrogant trainee knight
  • Tuckyd. History archiver
  • Swim Swim fruit: Genious mathematician/Swordsman
  • Fliu: Writer
  • LuNa: Musician/composer
  • Kraykan: Mage
  • TrafalgarKid: 10th dan Martial artist
  • Uknownada: Cool elf
  • Dmurray: Inquizitor
  • Wiskey13: Royal Tournament Arena owner
  • D.Dragon: Pub Owner
  • MrGod: Co-owner with D Dragon
  • Nacchy: Princess servant
  • Madman: Lord of Magic
  • Stone Roger: Sculptor
  • Storm baron: Storm wizard
  • Loginhere: Drunkard and Idiot of the town, but he's allot of fun so everybody puts up with him
  • All AWC: Peasents, Farmers or Wariors

The great council is the organisation which represents the people who usually discuss something on a forum about this wikia's problems.

Edit: All credit for the idea goes to MJ(told you to make this blog)

MJ, it really was incredible, the Roger idea!(why coulnd't I think about it?!!?!)