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Long time, no blog, time has come to make one again.

Now you've all seen Decken's powers and how him losing consciousness means that his powers stop working(so I failed at my prediction).

But I have some questions:

Decken is always wearing a glove on his hand, but why?

Its really weird. When he touches something, it becomes his "target", but he touches that glove all the time so why doesn't it become a "target" too? And why don't the objects that he is throwing become "targets" as well?

Does that mean that he can decide what target he wants, but just needs to touch it?

THEN! Why the hell does he need the glove and didn't wash his hand for 10 years, I mean, 10 years...should it stink like...ughh, don't even wanna think about it. It doesn't really make sense.

This is really a plot hole from Oda. What do you think about Decken's powers? I'll let you think about it a little and later I'll add my theory, I wouldn't hear some opinions from some of you , who would agree with the theory, so good luck at thinking about it.