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I want to do a comparison of these two arcs since both of them are the first major arcs that happen after one half of the Grand Line(even though, theoretically, FI is right under the Red Line and at the exact half of the Grand Line XD)

So first of all, lets begin with some similarities:

  • Both of the islands are big kingdoms
  • Each of the kingdoms king is threatened by a certain group
  • The Princesses of both Kingdoms are wtih the SH and both have been befriended by them
  • The main villains of the arcs can't be defeated by anybody, only Luffy can beat them(I can really see that, Hordy being defeated by Luffy, just a side note, I would want to see Hordy overpower Jinbe, not very much, but making it that way so that only Luffy could defeat him showing his development and that he is stronger than JInbe without defeating him, please don't comment about this part negatively or annoyed, I'm just saying a BIG IF)

But Jinbe is very strong, he is one of the Shichibukai, like Crocodile, the main enemy from the Arabasta arc. pretty ironic...

But like in the Arabasta arc, some SH were captured by the enemy and can't escape, the room is flooding and they could die from drowning if they don't escape

The two islands are complete opposites, the desert island where Arabasta is and FI where the Ryugu kingdom is, which if not covered with a bubble will be flooded completely

A really interesting resemblance is that Hordy mada a partener, just like Crocodile and Robin after which Robin turned out as a new SH...

Surume and Masuge, both received names from Nami and carried the SH(well Matsuge only one, or maybe 2, dont know for sure), but in matsuge's case, he even called one of his friends, a desert crab to transport all of the SH.....

One of the main differences is that the king has 3 other sons while Nefertari has only 1 daughter, Vivi, those 3 are the strongest in the army, just like Pell and Chacka, but here are 3 princes

In both arcs, the queen is dead, though in the FI arc, her death is shown in a flashback

Both kings are going to be killed, we do not know what will happend to Neptune, but Cobra was saved by Luffy

These are only important notes which you could use in the future, I don't know if they are really useful, but you should not forget them...If I forgot anything important, please tell me so that I could add it, ALSO THIS IDEA CAME FROM TUCKYD