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Yes, as the title says: AWESOME:

Yep the cover was the one I was expecting, next one is with Kureha for usre and no one took over the Drum Island DP Ok Daruma is weird...Usopp/Nami/CHopper/Star: HELP US! Franky: I'll save you!*falls in the hole* Daruma face fault...funny...really funny...someone needs it as an avatarXD THEN! DOCKING !!!! AWESOME!!! AWESOME AWESOME!!! (I really screamed awesome and it was past 22pmXD) FRANKY SHOGUN!!!! AMAZING AWESOME SUGEEEE SUPAAAA I HAVE NO OTHER WORDS FOR IT! and Franky's old haircut is really the most SUPAAAAA! Even some fishmen went awesome over it! THEN THERE IT IS FRANKY SHOOTING THESE GUYS DOWN FUNNY AS HELL Usopp face fault! Then...WOW I was close to being right in one of my predictions, it wasn't a lightning sword, but it was a gust sword! Bamboo...AWESOME! Yeah...I'm wondering since when can fishmen dig, but I shouldn't since the same goes for REINDEERS! CHOPPER AWESOME new point! digging, really wtf? but either way AWESOME ANd then Luffy's punXD funnyXD Then...Chopper called himself a monster....and he needs no rumble balls for 7 transformations...wait...there are others too and BLS's point doesn't seem so weird anymore then the results of the battle: NFP taken out who knows how many thousands and SH pirates:0 Then how nice! Surume was protecting his brothers! so nice! but I wonder: WHERE THE HELL IS THE NORTH POLE!?!?!??! XD Then Luffy says he'll protect nice and typical ^^ and he goes towards Hody, Dosun and Ikaros try to stop him but they're thrown off by ZOro and Sanji...Is Zoro really gonna fight Dosun!?!? NO I HOPE NOT! Then Noa Comes closer and a prophecy will happen... WHAT PROPHECY!? Until the day that must come you must never move that ship said Neptune and so ends the chapter...WHAT PROPFECY?!?!? DAMMIT! ITS SO AWESOME!