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*Luffy turns his head towards the woman with a very serious face

Luffy: But...why couldn't I know you were gonna hit me in the head...

Mother: You to know I will hit you there... *she breaths heavily* you mean haki?...

  • Luffy nods
  • She wants to step a foot in front to get to Luffy but stops

Mother:[This man! I need to get to Lisu! I need to! fast! But he's too fast! What can I do!?!?!]

Luffy: What's up with her?

Lisander: She always exaggerated on everything she did (sweat drop) so don't worry, its not like she doesn't like you.

Luffy: Man...when is this meat gonna fry well enough(he turns back at the meat)

Mother: [THIS IS IT!!!]

  • she takes out a dagger and fixates it one the end of the staff then she starts charging at Luffy

  • Lisander sees all that and gets
  • He tries to get to his mother in time
  • Luffy realizes something will happen behind himself and then he starts turning his head

Lisander: MOTHER DIANA!!! STOP!!!

  • Diana trips on a rock during her charge
  • Her "spear" barely misses Luffy's head and she passes right beside him
  • She then falls onto the other side of the hill and starts rolling

Lisander: Mother!!!

  • He starts running after her
  • From the mother's rolling location there are 3 m till a cliff and down is the huge lake
  • Luffy gets up and jumps over the fire
  • Diana falls down the cliff

Diana: HELP!!!


  • Luffy reaches the edge of the cliff and launches one of his arms at her
  • He grabs her

Diana:He-*gets grabbed by the shoulder

Lisander: His arm stretched...


  • Some tears flow from her eyes and she faints
  • Luffy pulls his arm back and brings her back on the top of the cliff

Luffy: Are you alright?!

  • Lisander gets there and takes her pulse

Lisander: Thank God... rather..thank you nii-chan

Luffy: You thanked me already with the fire, now lets eat some meat till she wakes up, if you don't hurry, there'll be nothing left(he already ate half of the boar)

  • Lisander smiles

Nami: We should try to find Luffy now, but I wonder what we should start with... this island seems huge...

Zoro: I say we should just go that way

  • Zoro points somewhere with a serious face


  • Nami karate chops him

Franky: Still, where are we gonna go, this thing broke down

  • he says while holding the back of his head with his bald-style hair
  • Suddenly some horses are heard coming towards them
  • The Straw Hats prepare for an attack
  • Knights riding lions appear from the jungle and head straight towards the SH

(Note from author says: What will happen to the crew on this island!? Who are these knights and what do they want? )