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  • Luffy starts hitting the soldiers in front of him with an incredible speed, so fast that in less than 2 seconds 100 are seen flying around

Luffy:JET HANABI!*all around him the soldiers are taken out*

  • The general look at him with a shocked face:[This guys is a monster!] he puts his hands on his head:[He'll defeat both armies as if they're nothing!] (in the background Luffy uses Fuusen to propel himself up and then...)

Luffy: Giganto BAZOOKA!!!*he hits the ground from above and creates a small earthquake, the shock of the hands hitting and all of the dust sand all of the warriors around are being sent flying around while the ones under Luffy's hands are smashed

  • the soldiers are all down and those still conscious look at Luffy

Soldier: That guy...*cough cough* what the fuck *pant* is up with him...

Soldier: He took us all out(he says that as he crawls up a little*

Soldier: Just...who is that guy? The New World has allot of monsters, but our army was never defeated so easily, especially with the gear we are wearing!

Luffy turns at them a little and then he looks back

Soldiers: T-T-T-THAT-THAT IS-

  • Luffy grabs those two boars and goes up the hill



Soldiers: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?! THATS WHY YOU BEAT US ALL UP!??!?!?!!?!??!?!?!??


  • Luffy continues going up the hill, then he reaches the top of it and a 360 degrees view can be seen, he put his straw hat on his head and he sees around him a great view, a great lake in front of him and at the end of it a small fishing port with small ships, on his right-front he sees a grand forest of weird trees, that look like broccoli, at the end of the lake, there resides a small village and behind it is a huge temple, very very big that dwarfs every house in the village, who am I kidding, the temple alone IS half of the village, and it is out of a magnificent white, on the water small fishing and there is a double cut till the half a of the lake, at its left and right side and at both places a huge emerald green trees(on each cut) rises up, growing around 300m tall(a little bigger than the temple)

Luffy: back to the meat..

  • he picks a couple of stone from the ground

Luffy: shishi, these should help me light the fire^^

  • he gathers a few branches from the trees that grow beside him and throws them in one spot

Luffy: Yosh, these should be good for a fire

  • he sits in front of them and tries to get a spark with the 2 stones(he does that while getting his tongue out in the right part of his mouth looking seemingly concentrated on what he is doing) after 1 minute he manages to get a spark and the fire lights, but soon enough the flame is blown away

Luffy: Eh?

  • He does the same as before and when the fire starts a little it, it stops

Luffy: What is up with this fire

  • he tries again and fails


Someone appears behind him

Luffy: Eh?! Someone!? Who's there?!

A little boy, 14 yo appears there, he has black hair, black eyes, short, but spiky hair who is carrying wood in his arms and wearing a beige colored blouse worn on his shoulders, while he wears one him a white t-shirt and wearing black silk short pants

The boy:Onii-chan, should I help you light that fire

  • from lower behind the hill a voice is heard and then a woman appears and runs at him saying: Lisander, don't get so far away!

Lisander:Mom, I'm ok, I just met this weird looking man(the mother runs at her child and she tries to embrace him when he tells her that and she looks in panic at Luffy then she brings out the staff that she used to get on this hill and gets in a defensive position

  • Luffy simply stands there and does nothing

Luffy: Who are you?

Mother: Shut up...Lisander, get away from! this man is dangerous!

  • Luffy looks behind him

Luffy: Are you talking about me?*he points at himself*

Lisander: Mom...I don't think he's such a bad person...

Mother: Lisander! this is Dragon's son!

Luffy: Are you sure you're talking about me?

Mother: YES I AM!!!*angry face fault*

Luffy: I'm not dragon's son....OH wait! yeah! I am...*he puts his hand at the back of his head* I forgot...shishishi


  • Luffy sits again and tries making a fire

Mother:[Is he trying to make a fool out of me, my son is behind me I need to face him now]

  • she launches herself at Luffy with her staff and actually hits him in the face and Luffy's head is moved a bit and then it moves back

Luffy: That won't work....*she tries hitting him again, but this one he dodges with an amazing speed*

because I'm made of rubber shishishi, now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to try and light this fire

Lisander*he gets from behind his mother, which still tries to stop him, but he lifts his hand ad runs at Luffy*: Nii-chan, if you try to light the fire like that, the wind will easily blow it away, but that plant*he points at a backward growing green onion and the he takes it out and throws it to Luffy right before his mother gets to him and hugs him while looking at Luffy

Lisander: Use the juice from inside it on the wood to light the fire!

  • Luffy does as he is told and then he lights the spark

Lisander: Mom, let me, he's a nice person...

  • after he says that Luffy manages to light up the fire, it burns up very fast up to him and he gets burned

Luffy: ACHI!!*he blows on his hands*

Lisander: Ahahaha

Luffy: It really worked! Thanks allot Lisu! *he gets a big smile on his face*shishi

Mother:[Maybe...just maybe...he isn't a bad person, either way, I can't fight him now, and he is very fast, after dodging my attack in a blink of a second, he could catch us at any moment, I'd better stay here, if something bad happens, I'll protect Lisander with my life, I just need to look out for his actions]

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