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  • On Land, Franky is looking at the island and trees and the village nearby while standing on a rock

Franky: Oi!!! Luffy! Zoro!!

Chopper: Zoro!!! Luffy!!!

Nami: That damn stupid captain, I hope they made it to the island, but...

WHY DID ZORO HAVE TO JUMP FIRST?!?! HE'S THE ONE THAT GETS LOST IN THE BLINK OF A SECOND!!! (In the Background, Franky is building something)

Usopp: Oi Nami...calm down...(he says with his hands like in kuma-describing-his-powers-position and with a panicked face)


Robin: Chopper, do you know where they are with your sense of smell?

Chopper: No, something is here that covers any other smell is here...its like I can't smell anything, as if all smell is gone

Brook: For some reason I can't smell anything either...EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO NOSE TO SMELL WITH! YOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

  • Robin laughs a little

Chopper:Whats so funny Robin?

  • Nami turns to Robin

Robin: Well its a little funny how Nami made Brook guilty

  • Nami looks a little down

Robin: We shouldn't worry about them, they'll manage to survive...somehow

Usopp: OI ROBIN!*angry face fault* DON'T JOKE LIKE THAT!

Chopper:*same face fault* YEAH!! DON'T JOKE LIKE THAT!

Sanji: I have to agree with *looks at Robin and goes mellorine* Robin-CHWAAN~*turns back at Usopp and Chopper and goes back to normal*, *turns at Nami and goes mellorine again*Nami-CHWAAAN~ DON'T YOU THINK THE SAME?

Nami:*sigh*Yeah, I might've exagerated, since one day I'm gonna have a heart attack(when Sanji hears the word heart attack in his mind go the words [she wants her heart to be attacked! Now's the chance!]} because of our captain(when he hears the word captain he turns to stone because of the shock) I'm sorry Brook,*she helps him get up*

Brook: Thank you Nami-san, so as an apology...

Can you show me your panti-(he gets punched into the ground)

Robin: But we really should have no worries about those, two, they are some of the strongest in the crew so they can manage to get to the shore and then *she looks at the sky really cool* there's no way something could happen to those two idiots, because they are idiots after all.

Chopper: KAKOII ROBIN!!(kakoii=cool) really kakoii Robin!!

Franky in the background shouts: SUPAAAAAA!!!

  • Everyone turns at him him and sees him in his supaaa position with a cloaked thing behind him

Franky: Let me show! one of Dr Vegapunk's great inventions!*he takes the cloak off and a big machine is seen there*

Chopper and Usopp go star eyes: SUGEEEEEE!! KAKOIIIIII!!!! SUGE FRANKY SUGE!

Nami: What is that?

Franky: Its a hologram creating machine!!! Its perfect to create a signal(in the background of him explaining is the machine off and now as he starts explaining it turns on) and show in the sky something like for example...SAKE! AND SWORDS! I made a hologram for each of you of what attracts your attention the most

  • Chopper and Usopp still are star eyes

Nami:So you're gonna project these images to get Zoro's attention, but why not Luffy's?

Franky: Probably he's still fainted, but he either way he must be with Zoro

  • suddenly at 60 m away a bush moves and Sanji looking that way makes a sudden face-fault
  • Usopp hears him and turns back;Usopp: Sanji, whats wrong?*he notices Zoro looking at the forest and thinking where to go

Sanji/Usopp*goes into face-fault as well:EHHHHH?!?!? ZORO!!! ZORO!!!!!!! WE'RE HERE!!!!! DONT GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

Zoro: Eh?*looks at them and see the entire crew while Franky just stars the machine and it suddenly explodes

  • short falshback:

  • Zoro is swimming in the water with Luffy on his left shoulder, a katana in his mounth and another one in his right hand and he's swimming at a great speed with his feet alone and he slashes every sea creature in front of him
  • After 2 minutes he reaches the island and puts Luffy down on the sand and he gets his clothes top clothes off and takes the water outta them
  • Luffy wakes up slightly

Luffy:Thanks Zoro..*cough*

Zoro: So you woke up really fast eh...

  • Luffy gets up little by little;Luffy: Yeah...Where are we?

Zoro: An island...dunno

Luffy: An island? *looks around*...yeah its an island...AN ISLAND!!! YATTAAA!!(yay/yuppy)

  • Zoro puts his clothes back on him, now lets go find the rest of the crew

Luffy: Eh? we got sepparated?


Luffy: Yosh, we're gonna find them!

  • They set off in the forest and Zoro leads the way

Zoro: Hey, Luffy, what are we gonna do on this island?



  • Zoro looks back and no one's there

Zoro: EH!!??! he's gone? he must've gotten lost..Luffy are you there?!!?

  • Luffy, somewhere else in the forest

Luffy: Where is that Zoro, he must've gotten lost..Zoro!?!?! ZOro?!?!

  • both get out of the forest at the same time
  • At Zoro's location, he sees nothing but what is at his left, a small village, he gets out of the forest, looks at the sky and thinks[where should I search for him...] then the flashback ends

Brook: So that's what happened...hmmm...then I shall sing a song about it ton make you cheer up!

Zoro: Don't...

  • From the village a band of roman elite riders come out and Zoro draws his swords out partially as the other crew members get prepared for whats to come

Back at Luffy's location

Luffy: KAKOIIIIII ARMORS!!!!!!!(kakoi-cool)*star eyes*

  • bird view

Luffy is standing on the top of a hill looking down the valley and in the valley, about 40 thousand men are charging at each other in a huge battle then he starts salivating

Luffy: NIKUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!(meat for the people who don't know this word)

Luffy starts running into the battle

The soldiers start attacking Luffy considering he is an enemy, but he easily takes them out before they even notice is

Luffy: What rude guys...NO STANDS BETWEEN ME AND MEEAT!!!!(he uses haoshoku haki)

  • bird view

Most of the army simply fainted, but 2000 withstood the whole force

The general of one of the armies looks very panicked...and is in shock:T-that w-wa-was.. HAOSHOKU HAKI!!!! ATTACK THAT MAN! HE; HE MUST BE AMAZINGLY STRONG!!!

  • all the men that still stand charge at Luffy

Luffy: Man, you must be strong, to withstand haki, so I'm gonna go full force on you...JET GATTLING GUN!!!!*after just 1 minute, all of them are taken out

  • Luffy heads towards the general of the army which falls down of his war boar in panick

General: Please!! don't kill me!!!! Please!!*he falls back while Luffy gets closer, then he uses haki and the raging boar faints*

  • Luffy takes his boar and another one from nearby and wraps his arms around them

Luffy: What are you doing ossan? you're one weird guy...

General: Eh? YOURE THE ONE WHOS TALKING?!?!?!?!?

Luffy: Ahhh...Meat, I found meat...I should find a good place to eat it*he looks at the hill from the opposite way of the valley* yosh, he starts heading there

End of Chapter 1

I hope you liked it, so I hope you guessed what Luffy saw from the hill, MEAT, WAR BOARS! That's what he's looking for all the time XD

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