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Luffy and his crew, after getting in the New World, they stop in an uninhabited prehistoric island and dock in the central lake

Luffy streches his arm, grabs a tree and then he gets on top of it.

On the island he sees huge Sabertooth tigers, Bears, and other mamals.

Luffy: MEEEEAAAAT!!!...Sanji, look at all the meat we should start getting some!

Sanji: Luffy what about you wait a bit until we decide what everyone will do.

Luffy opens his mounth and says: Huh?? Why, I'm hungry.(This would be easy to imagine right:))) )

Sanji: i said wait!

Luffy looks at the ocean. There hea sees a marine fleet consisting of about 10 warships.

Luffy: Oi, everybody there's a marine fleet coming.

Nami/Usopp/Chopper: What??

Brook: Yohohoho! What a day is begining!

Sanji: Shitty marines, couldn't've they chosen another day, not a nice day like this one.

  • Zoro sleeping in a corner of the ship*

Nami: What should we, we can't get away because we docked our ship this far inland

Usopp stand the with the sun shining on him and says: Oi, Nami, haven't we run enough, if we can't get away than we should fight.

Nami: Usopp, are you feeling well *measures his temprature by putting one hand on his forehead and the other one on hers*

Usopp pushes her hand down and gets angry: Nami it's been 2 years, we've gotten stronger and i've done my best not to be a coward anymore

Robin laughs: I say he's right Nami, we can escape only by beating the marines

Meanwhile at one of the marine warships the new vice admiral stands.

A soldier comes inside to report:

Soldier:Sir the ship of the Straw-hats is located inland and our fire won't reach them, it seems like we have to send out our infantry.

Vice-admiral: I've waited for this moment long enough... this time i will capture you Luffy.

I hope you liked the intro of what i tought if you want part 2 than say "I want part 2" :))

Well that's at least if you wanna find out how they're gonna escape, fight, and who the new vice-admiral is, the one comanding 10 warships.

PS read it with patience^^