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A busy month

This month will be indeed annoying. I can tell you why, there is a list of reasons behind this!

  • Buying birthday gifts for 5 people:
    • My best friend
    • My "daughter"
    • A girl from class
    • One of my good friends
    • A girl from my class
  • The birthday of some users from this wiki
    • MDM
    • LPK
    • FF
    • Angel
  • The joining from one year ago of a lot of users including me, Swim, Franky and Nacchy
    • The creation of my blog is important... everyone, expect a huge blog for my anniversary on this wiki
  • A freaking whole lot of school, many tests, many exams, a project and a book to read
  • Who knows how many other things that might appear and make this month even more complicated

And to make it one piece related:

  • Quite a few number of new events, chapters, episodes and things to watch and enjoy and even edit on the wiki
  • Let's mention the birthday celebration of characters too

So what is will make this month of yours busy as hell?

Please share XD

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