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  • Ricizubi

    Economics of One Piece

    January 7, 2017 by Ricizubi

    As you may know, our world is dominated by economic concepts which evolved to fit the existing political models all the way from hunter-gatherer societies all the way to our modern financial system. But I don't want to talk about the real world with its real capitalism and its real communism or all that stuff, I'm here to talk about how things seem to work and why they work or why they shouldn't be working in our favourite series' universe. I will speculate on a lot of stuff, simply because Oda, although amazing at world-building, doesn't delve into too much detail about the processes.

    To start off, we should discuss a little bit about the structures of society existent in One Piece. The World Government currently acts as the dominant polit…

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  • Ricizubi

    Christmas for everyone!

    December 25, 2012 by Ricizubi

    Mornin people, since it's Christmas I'm gonna make you an offer. I WILL GIVE YOU A CHRISTMAS THEMED SIGNATURE! But only the 1st ten who wish for one will get a completely new signature for christmas, the others who wish for a signature will get an upgraded one. :D


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  • Ricizubi

    The OPW Chapter 1:That Bar

    December 4, 2012 by Ricizubi

    "With so much to learn, so much to see and still so much to discover, I found the island of my ideal endless adventure"

    So what next?

    Are the words Richard woke up from his dream with. It was just another night and Richard was staring at the sky, watching and enjoying the stars as he always does. Then he sees a powerful light.

    Rici: How nice, they have fireworks~

    The sand then explodes right in front of him,

    Rici: They really are something~

    He scratches his eyes, mostly asleep and then he gets up trying to go and find a better view for the fireworks. He walks on the cold sand and feels like he is dreaming. His head is barely hanging from his shoulders. Explosions take place all around him as he walks casually. One explosion hits one of the sand …

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  • Ricizubi

    The OPW:Prologue

    December 3, 2012 by Ricizubi

    "I once started an adventure. It was all because I heard the story of the legendary treasure, One Piece. On a normal day of early summer, I took some food, no money, a load of drinking wat ter and my ambition to enjoy life at its fullest. To be sincere, I was plain curious. I was curious to discover One Piece, the world and I might've even searched for what being free meant. On that fateful day I set sail."

    He did set sail, but on every island he wasn't feeling like home. He fought and fought and fought and weirdly enough he didn't become famous, although he beat many adversaries.

    He even reached the New World and then he somehow managed to escape all of the worst situations, reaching an island close to the destination of this world, Raftel.…

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  • Ricizubi

    BW:A Master's Style

    June 11, 2012 by Ricizubi

    Most of us know Oda, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the world we're so amazed of. I decided to do an analysis on the style he uses in the creation of the series this encyclopedia has been created for.

    There are many things to point out, but the one thing that I find most important of all is how well he planned his entire series. Oda knows how to get from point A to point B

    From the very first chapters he already planned out very many things. In the first sage there was a really large amount of references to future events, all playing key roles in the future:

    • Haki (first chapter, when shanks loses his arm for saving Luffy)
    • Ace and Whitebeard (the explination of DF abilities by Morgan)
    • Luffy's inheritage (Loguetown and there is also the cover story…
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