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Everyone is talking about the next chapter and what big revelations its going to entail. And I love those blogs but thats not what this one is about. This is about how to top Marineford, and how Im hoping this next arc Oda has set up something awesome (or more awesome? pretty much every arc is awesome... but this one could be huge).

In Marineford we saw the biggest conflict ever in the OP universe with a Yonko fleet fightin the WG. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Every week was amazing. However I think the upcoming Saga is building to an even bigger battle, not end of the series big but still awe inspiring in depth. THat being Big Mama VS Kaido VS the SH Alliance.

Before I get into it, a quick review:

Big Mama 

  • Has been sent a bomb by Fishman Island and lost FI as territory
  • Is about to lose a strong crew in the Sun Pirates
  • Has already suffered some losses from the KId Pirates
  • Currently has Sanji so war with the SH Alliance is inevitable (plus Luffy already threatened her)


  • Lost the supplier of his Devil Fruits
  • Lost arguably the strongest Shishiukabai as his underling
  • (Apparently) Lost his Right hand man of Jack
  • War with the SH Alliance is inevitable

So we have two weakened Yonko's who both are going to make it their mission to destroy the SH at the same time. How do you resolve this? Easy fight both at the same time in a three way war. Think how amazing it would be.

Bigger than Marineford = Check: Two Yonkos fighting each other and the Straw hats

More Epic Art = Check: Just imaging the layout of to Yonko armies and the SH in a three way Mexican standoff with the gargantuan figures of Big Mama and Kaido towering over their armies

An Awesome Escalation = Check: The New World couldn't get more amazing so quickly and we would finally see the star of the new world order bring formed.

Thats why I think the Straw hats are going to lead Kaido (who already know where Zou is) straight to Big Mama's tea party and defeat both of them at the same time. Then Luffy and Law can take a Yonko seat each if they want.

What do you guys think?