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    First off, that be a twist. Second, do they come in fruity flavors? But from the start of Punk Hazard, there were some signs (and some hopeful speculation) of devil fruit experimentation. When there were centaurs and fauns/satryrs and harpies (oh my!) I had wondered if those were leftover experiments, and when we first saw Caesar as a gas, I had hoped that he was "stuck" in an induced logia form.

    Well, that fell through with Law's appearance.. and for a time, my theory died horribly. Well, hoo-ray! my harebrained theory panned out. There was some kind of zoan testing in making the artificial fruit. Given the behaviors of the first two dragons, it could be possible that they slipped into the "awakened zoan" state like the Demon Guards of Imp…

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  • Reflected void

    I know, spoilers and such. But for those who've already read chapter 676, you were probably wondering about that apple suddenly changing into a devil fruit. For those that missed that detail, shock is in order.


    Given that this is a theory, I can't say with all certainty that it is right. What I observed is that a user, the lizard-gel Smiley, died (hinges on theory and part of the dialogue, we'll see if I'm right next week). And that an apple changed into a devil fruit. My theory began way back when Blackbeard broke the rules and somehow obtained Whitebeard's Gura Gura no Mi. We were told that if a user EATS two of these fruit, he will die. However, I have reason to believe that he absorbed the powers directly in some way (that w…

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