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I know that Schichibukai are strong but compared to other 2 of the 3 great powers namely- Yonkou and the World Government,they look rather weak. I am not talking about post war when they are 3 members short. Even before, 2 of the Shichibukai were defeated by Luffy when he was not that strong. I think if a fight breaks between Shichibukai and one of the Yonkou pirate crew, the Shichibukai will lose easily. And still the World government considers them as a balance between themselves and the Yonkou. Isn't the World Government overating their powers. I know that Mihawk and Doflamingo are strong but still as a whole Shichibukai doesnot compare with other 2 great powers.

Dont you think revolutionaries should be the third great power? Granted we are still to see the true powers of revolutionaries but judging by how frightened the World government is of them they are bound to be strong.