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  • Red HAired Shanks

    I know that Schichibukai are strong but compared to other 2 of the 3 great powers namely- Yonkou and the World Government,they look rather weak. I am not talking about post war when they are 3 members short. Even before, 2 of the Shichibukai were defeated by Luffy when he was not that strong. I think if a fight breaks between Shichibukai and one of the Yonkou pirate crew, the Shichibukai will lose easily. And still the World government considers them as a balance between themselves and the Yonkou. Isn't the World Government overating their powers. I know that Mihawk and Doflamingo are strong but still as a whole Shichibukai doesnot compare with other 2 great powers.

    Dont you think revolutionaries should be the third great power? Granted we…

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  • Red HAired Shanks

    I want to know if a strong person like Mihawk doesnot have haki, how can he fight against a logia user? Or does every stong person possess haki?

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