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hypothetical scenario

you are a farmer in some run down little town on an island in the middle of no where, you have no family or friends. you hate your life, the island and the town and you have always dreamed of getting off your island and doing something more with your life.

then one day akainu who has gotten drunk after hearing he was put up for a promotion to fleet admiral accidentally orders a buster call to destroy your island. the marines are swift and merciless and destroy everything and everyone except you. when akainu finds out there was a survivor he panics at the chance that word of what he did might get out and his chances at a promotion will go up in smoke, so he has to make no word gets out. but since he isnt a complete asshole he does not decide to straight up kill you but rather gives you three options:

1. akainu will give you a recommendation which you can use to join any branch of the World Government (marines, impel down, CPs 1-8, other) you want without going through any orientation/training or anything like that if you dont want to, (you cant become like fleet admiral though, you have to start a like lieutenant) no questions asked on the promise that you dont breath a word to anyone about what happened to your home.

2. akainu will use his powers as an admiral to relocate you to anywhere in the world, give you any job you want (not including king, president, etc) and a sizable amount of money to insure a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of your life on the condition that you dont tell anyone about what happened to your island.

3. you decline the first two options and try announce to the world what akainu did to your home, thus bringing down akainu's wrath upon you and the possibility of death.

                     SO TELL ME WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


"if you were to choose option 1 which branch og the WG would you choose"

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1. were you to choose option 2 where would you go and what would you do for a job (remember you can have any job you want and live anywhere in the One Piece world besides places like Raftel)

2. were you to choose option 3 what would you do to avoid assassination and what would you do with you life now that your home is gone?

comments are always welcome.