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Hey, I know this idea may seem a little moronic, but I want to try it anyway because I think even if a few users participate it will do the wiki some good, so please listen (or read in this case) up.

This wiki has been around for a while and it has tons of great users who are dedicated to adding all sorts of information about the series, which has resulted in lots of great pages, about all sorts of things, being created. However, one of the areas I've noticed this wiki could improve upon are chapter stubs. Currently out of the 735 One Piece chapters, we have pages for all of them but a little over 20% (1 in 5 for those who aren't so good at math) of them are stubs (if you don't know what stubs are, they're incomplete pages).

Obviously we need to get around to fixing these pages and sometimes a certain user will go around trying to eliminate a whole bunch, but after a while they might get bored and stop trying or their edits might get sloppy as they lose interest. So I had a thought; why not semi-organize some sort of challenge and get a whole bunch of users to volunteer to help kill these stubs? We could make a game out of it and see who can fix the most, or write the best summaries for the chapters, maybe get some sort of prize (I was thinking along the lines of you get to choose my avatar for the week, though I'm up for suggestions).

Now I now this task may seem a bit daunting due to the large amount of stubs, but say we get 10-15 users to participate then that means we only have to do 10-16 chapters each, and if we were to get more then everyone would have even less to do. I also realize if this does work it may encourage shoddy chapter stub editing, so I would like to ask some users, even if they aren't participating, to maybe proofread any chapter stub edits and make sure they're satisfactory.

So yeah, I think that's it. If you would like to volunteer or you have any questions or concerns can you please let me know in the comments below.

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