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What this blog is about

In One Piece we have seen a lot of action, adventures, comedy and plot twists, but perhaps what I like most of all about One Piece is its wide variety of characters. Through the years, Oda has introduced us to a number of people, some are serious, lazy, funny, stupid, smart, cowardly, courageous and what's more these people are almost always connected to another character in some way. Maybe they have an enemy, a rival, a friend, a lover, a sibling or a co-worker/person with whom they're in an alliance with. So the reason I made this blog is because I wanted to ask you guys; "What are your favourite duos?" and "which characters would you like to see share some form of connection?"

My opinions

Personally I like the rivalry of Zoro and Sanji, the friendship of Buggy and Mr. 3, the alliance (former now, I think) between Luffy and Law and the co-worker relationship between Helmeppo and Coby. One character pairing I would like to see is another alliance between the straw hats and another supernova crew. I think that they should still challenge the yonkos and if the don't have Law and the Heart Pirates' help, then they should form an alliance with another crew, preferably another supernova. I would also want to see some form of connection between Sakazuki and a pirate (doesn't have to be a pirate we've already been introduced to, could be a new character, I don't really care.) like a former/current yonko or shichibukai. Not an general enemy relationship, like what he has with all pirates, but a specific relationship between him and a pirate that maybe explains his dedication to absolute justice, kinda like how Z really hated pirates because one of them cut off his arm, killed his crew and his family.


What is favourite type of pairing between characters in One Piece?

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  1. What are your favourite existing character parings?
  2. What characters pairings would you like to see between two existing characters?
  3. What sort or pairing would you like to see introduced to an individual character?