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hey people just a quick announcement, im going to be sharing my user account with another person. Now normally i would not announce this, cause you guys probably would not care about this news, but since the other person i am sharing this account with is not as patriotic as i am we are discussing changing the username of this account. so yeah im gonna change my name, unfortunately. also i may at times refer to myself as "we" or use plural when talking about myself, and if you are talking to this account it may not be the same person you have talked to in the past so i may not know what you are talking about if you refer to an old conversation. also i dont suppose any of you share your accounts with someone else?

oh and since someone would probably delete this blog if that was all i wrote im going to share my predictions about the straw hats next bounties:

  • Luffy's next bounty: Beli556,000,000 +/- Beli56,000,000
  • Zoro's next bounty: Beli201,000,000 +/- Beli41,000,000
  • Sanji's next bounty: Beli180,000,000 +/- Beli60,000,000
  • Robin's new bounty: Beli120,000,000 +/- Beli42,000,000
  • Franky's next bounty: Beli82,000,000 +/- Beli10,000,000
  • Brook's next bounty: Beli76,000,000 +/- Beli18,000,000
  • Nami's next bounty: Beli73,000,000 +/- Beli51,000,000
  • Usopp's next bounty: Beli44,000,000 +/- Beli8,000,000
  • Chopper's next bounty: Beli5,000,000 +/- Beli4,999,950


"do you agree with my predictions?"

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and a small prediction of mine about Dressrosa:

I believe like 20 years prior to the current story line kyros (who is now known as ricky) was somehow related to the monarch of dressrosa and was the champion of the corida coloseum. also the coloseum was not like it was in the current story line, it was a place where contenders fought nobly without cheating or accepting bribes and the crowds did not cheer for blood but merely to see a good fight. then Doflamingo came along and took the kingship of dressrosa somehow after he had defeated kyros in a coloseum match, the only one kyros ever lost. after becoming king doflamingo then changed the coloseum into what it is in the current storyline: a battle royale where the only objective is to let the crowd see blood and carnage and kyros being so disgusted left the coloseum and dressrosa to train (and he also took on the name ricky) until he believed he could come back become champion of the coloseum again and dethrone Doflamingo.


"do you agree with my prediction?"

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