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hey guys I was just thinking that since One Piece has been on a break for a while but is gonna return pretty soon (hopefully) that I'd share my opinions on what is going on and ask you guys about yours.

so there are several things going on right now:

  • the tournament
  • the Caesar return team
  • Zoro and the fairy
  • Kinemon
  • Sanji and violet
  • the sunny team

first off I think luffy is gonna defeat chinjao and win his block and though i would like rebecca to win the d block i think cavendish is gonna pull it off. after the the battle royales are over the 4 will face DD's family in a elimination/battle royale setting with the winner (luffy) fighting diamonte for the fruit, with luffy winning in the end and getting the fruit.

next i think the C-team will go to green bit where they will end up in an altercation with fujitora, DD and CP0, with the end result being DD getting Caesar back and escaping, the C-team getting away as well and fuji chasing the C-team and CP0 chasing DD. also my theory about CP0 is that they are a group of promoted CP 1-8 members that deal with corrupt/evil marines and former shichibukai members like DD.

about Zoro and the fairy i think they will meet up with franky and the T.S.o.W and some sort of resistance group and the two will tell them about the history of dressrosa and they will attack the factory.

i think kinemon will go along with his captors find his friend then free his friend and kick some ass

as for sanji and violet, well personally i have no idea but i think it will tie into the central plot somehow.

as for the sunny team i think they will discover that the mysterious stowaway is one of the kids from the experiment who was really new and has not been giantified yet and will join them as their cabin boy (btw it has already been confirmed that the stowaway is a child or speaks in a childlike manor)

alright now that you have read my awesome blog-

DP: your blog sucked and your theories were so full of holes that i dont know where to begin

CC: (ノಠ益ಠ)彡(\ .o.)\ anyway as i was saying plz inform me of your opinions about the scenes and remember all comments are welcome as long as no profanity or spamming is used


"what do you think of my predictions"

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