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There's all the marine I found in all the manga. The most of unnamed ones appeared in Enies Lobby's Buster Call and Marinefor War.

In the last column, the 10 more distinguishing marines that I didn't find anywhere.

I'll post a full summary of characters and their first apparition later. Posted.

Giant Squad Daigin Asahija Mashikaku Ch.504, Pg.8, Pan.5 Borsalino T-Bone Yet Unknown
Hina Ch.427, Pg.11, Pan.7 Giant Squad Ch.533, Pg.3, Pan.3 Sicily Kuzan Very Good Yet Unknown
Sakazuki Ch.426, Pg.10, Pan.2 Giant Squad Kadar Ch.429, Pg.16, Pan.3 Doberman Ch.426, Pg.11, Pan.2 Yet Unknown
Sentomaru Ch.426, Pg.6, Pan.3 Giant Squad Ch.558, Pg.8, Pan.4 Ch.428, Pg.9, Pan.1 Onigumo Ch.426, Pg.10, Pan.2 Yet Unknown
Ch.524, Pg.17, Pan.5 Ch.429, Pg.6, Pan.1 Giant Squad Momonga Dalmatian X Drake Fullbody Yet Unknown
Brandnew Ch.426, Pg.10, Pan.2 Smoker Catacombo John Giant Bastille Ripper Yet Unknown
Stainless Ch.426, Pg.13, Pan.4 Sengoku Ch.558, Pg.8, Pan.1 Cancer Gorilla Morgan Yet Unknown
Pudding Pudding Shu Ch.601, Pg.6, Pan.5 Ch.558, Pg.8, Pan.4 Bell-mère Shine Nezumi Yet Unknown
Ch.426, Pg.11, Pan.2 Ch.427, Pg.3, Pan.3 Vergo Ch.558, Pg.8, Pan.4 Comil Ch.523, Pg.11, Pan.1 Sharinguru Yet Unknown
Mozambia Ch.428, Pg.16, Pan.2 Bogart Bins Yamakaji Ch.558, Pg.10, Pan.2 Ch.428, Pg.4, Pan.8 Yet Unknown
Ch.554, Pg.5, Pan.1 Ch.428, Pg.16, Pan.1 Monkey D. Garp Ch.557, Pg.10, Pan.3 Strawberry Ch.561, Pg.7, Pan.1 Makko Yet Unknown
Tsuru Jaguar D. Saul Giant Squad Giant Squad Ch.417, Pg.7, Pan.9 Ain Pandaman Yet Unknown