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  • Rayleigh92

    Steal the fruit

    April 13, 2013 by Rayleigh92

    Do you think it's possible to steal a devil fruit ability without the user is died?

    I thought this almost a years ago, when we discovered Kuzan resigned by marines and I guessed if the marines would deprive him of his strong power and keep it for them.

    Now, I think, it's possible the Black Beard Pirates know a way to steal the ability of its user without kill him??

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  • Rayleigh92

    Straw Hat to Santa

    December 24, 2012 by Rayleigh92

    Seeing to BLS' xmas blog, I was thinking... what do you think mugiwara's santa wishes should be?

    I can see:

    Luffy: an incredible dangerous adventure for 2013

    Zoro: a new harameki (roll-on)

    Nami: a lot of Berry

    Usopp: - (he'll be the Santa Claus of Sunny-go)

    Sanji: to find all bl... to came back to Fishman Island

    Chopper: cotton candy. a lot of cotton candy. a world of cottonc andy

    Robin: archeological books?

    Franky: a more simple body? ^.^

    Brook: see epiphany's pants

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  • Rayleigh92

    Chapter 691: Who's who

    December 8, 2012 by Rayleigh92

    There's all the marine I found in all the manga. The most of unnamed ones appeared in Enies Lobby's Buster Call and Marinefor War.

    In the last column, the 10 more distinguishing marines that I didn't find anywhere.

    I'll post a full summary of characters and their first apparition later. Posted.

    A B C D E F G H
    Giant Squad Daigin Asahija Mashikaku Ch.504, Pg.8, Pan.5 Borsalino T-Bone Yet Unknown

    Hina Ch.427, Pg.11, Pan.7 Giant Squad Ch.533, Pg.3, Pan.3 Sicily Kuzan Very Good Yet Unknown

    Sakazuki Ch.426, Pg.10, Pan.2 Giant Squad Kadar Ch.429, Pg.16, Pan.3 Doberman Ch.426, Pg.11, Pan.2 Yet Unknown

    Sentomaru Ch.426, Pg.6, Pan.3 Giant Squad Ch.558, Pg.8, Pan.4 Ch.428, Pg.9, Pan.1 Onigumo Ch.426…

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