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Hey guys i have decided to make a blog that atributes a certain pokemon to some of our users but feel free to leave your own opinion on who is who in the comments and have fun :)

My personal opinion is..

Ricizubi - Red Gyarados 138px-Gyrados_s.png

TheHumaniodTyphoon - Hypno 188px-Hypno.png

Calua - Dragonite 149px-146Dragonite.png

Marcus Junior - Mew 185px-151Mew.png

Pandawarrior - Milktank 159px-241Miltank.png

DancePowderer - Charizard 188px-006Charizard.png

Yatanogarsu - Mewtwo 151px-150Mewtwo.png

LuffyPirateKing - Entei  188px-244Entei.png

Imhungry4444 - Machamp 188px-Machamp.png

Monkey.D.Me - Graveler 188px-Graveler.png

Sergant Alpha - Stantler 143px-234StantlerHGSS.png

Swimswimfruit - Donphan 188px-Donphan.png

Zoro-san (Marimo) - Gyarados 188px-Gyarados.png

Besty17 - Dewgong 188px-Dewgong.png

X-RAPTOR - Feraligatr 164px-160Feraligatr.png

CoffeeShopCorpprateRaider (Weirdo) - Hitmontop 188px-HitmontopHGSS.png

Kuroashi98 - Typhlosion 130px-157Typhlosion.png

StrawHatBoy (SHB) - Diglet 188px-050Diglett.png

Galaxy9000 - Ho Oh 170px-250Ho-Oh.png

SeaTerror - Gengar 188px-Gengar.png

Sewill - Scyther 188px-123Scyther.png

Sff9 - Alakazam 188px-Alakazam.png

Neowitch - Suicune 188px-245Suicune.png

Sara Mujalid - Bellosom 169px-182Bellossom.png

Pacifista15 (PX) - Ursaring 129px-217Ursaring.png

Uknownada - Magcargo 159px-219Magcargo.png

Ryuzakiforever - Mr Mime 188px-Mr.Mime.png

NewWorldWarrior - Bellsprout 188px-Bellsprout.png

Dmurray1031 - Blastoise 167px-009Blastoise.png

Jademing - Poliwag 188px-060Poliwag.png

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