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Before Enrik thinks this blog is me saying he is awsome, well too bad. XD

Ok this blog is basically me atributting a certain one piece character to wiki users, you guys can participate too and give your own opinions on who should be who and why.

LuffyPirateKing - Trafalgar Law A user know for liking feta cheese and chasing little girls, he may seem intimidating at first but a good guy overall, he fits the Law character becuase Law also handled litle kids and he is also creepy at first but then you realize he is awsome.


Ricizubi - Enel Well Rici is Enel because not only does he like the character and has had the same avatar for 2 years but he like Enel can be incredibly smart and awsome but also incredibly stupid and restarded. :P

140px-Enel_Shocked_Face.png<<<<Typical Rici reaction.

Pandawarrior - Nami Panda much like nami as big boobs and red hair she also can get pissed easily and probably kick LPK or THT's ass.


SeaTerror - Blackbeard The main antagonist of the wikia, he as probably the longest ban forum in this place and he has had numerous battles to the death with the admins, the most famous ones being against his nemesis Yatanogarasu.


Uknownada - Franky Much like Franky this guy knows no shame and he is allways semi naked and rubbing his nipples on camera while dancing to crazy songs, but he is also "Super".


Galaxy9000 - Kuma This guy came out of nowhere and made changes to the whole wiki, he has done so much and he got so many edits that he eventually stopped thinking and turned into a robot which its sole purpose is to edit this wikia.


Marcus Junior - Coby He much like Coby at the begining was a coward and a weakling but then he increasingly became more awsome and created SOF and gained haki.


Imhungry4444 - Doflamingo Former Troll King of awsome, but FT wikia has taken him and brainwashed him, no one knows the real hungry now.


DancePowderer - Akainu Absolute Justice enough said.


The Humaniod Thypoon - Kizaru Speed of light to get the 100th comment.


Ryuzakiforever - Beli.png Belly = Namis favorite thing / Ryu = Panda favorite toy.


Piece Enrik - Going Merry It doesnt talk much but it has feelings. XD


Monkey D. Me - Garp Much like Garp when you take his cookies MDM gets pissed off, but deep down he is a good guy with a big heart, just try not to steal his cookies.


Sara Mujalid - Vivi Just like Vivi, Sara lives in the desert and she is also a "princess" and she prbly also owns a camel.


Man of Myth is Dayman - Aokiji Ice cold sometimes, but he listens to you when it matters (no not at all he never listens to you). >_>


Neowitch - Tashigi Tashigi in real life.


Snipa - Usopp Delusional Usopp fan he also just like Usopp tells the most weird funny stories.(The stories he tells never happened)


Roranoa Zoro = Sengoku Roa much like Sengoku knows MDM/Garp very well he tends to steal MDM's cookies in attempt to make him better understand the beauty of the world.


KuroAshi98 - Squard A traitor, X used to think he was the coolest guy but he stabbed X in the chest with a sword shapped like the letters FT wikia. :P


Straw Hat Boy - Wapol This guy much like Wapol likes to eat and as the king he is he prbly gets what he wants..

300px-Wapol%27s_Omnivorous_Hurrah.png<<<< A Day in the life of SHB (woman,money,food and cigars)

Will add other ppl later