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Fav New Character in the New World

So since we got into the New World lots of new characters have been introduced,I would like to know which one you guys like and are enjoying more thus far.

So here is a list.

The Characters
Charlotte Linlin Portrait 120px Tamago Portrait [[File:Pekoms 120.png|120px|link=Pekoms] Bobbin Portrait
Charlotte Linlin 3 Eyes Girl Tamago [[Pekoms|Pekoms] Bobbin
Vergo Portrait Monet Portrait Baby 5 Portrait Caesar Clown Portrait [[File:Kinemom Head Color.jpg|100px|link=Kinemon]
Vergo Monet Baby 5 Caesar Clown [[Kinemon|Kinemon]
[[File:DDC1.jpg|120px|link=] [[File:DDC2.jpg|120px|link=] [[File:DDC3.jpg|120px|link=] [[File:DDC4.jpg|120px|link=] [[File:DDC5.jpg|120px|link=]
Badass Creepy Cute Old Wtf

Sorry if i forgot a few,but still say which ones you are enjoying more. ^_^

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