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  • Raptor of Love

    Piece of Awsome

    July 14, 2013 by Raptor of Love

    Before Enrik thinks this blog is me saying he is awsome, well too bad. XD

    Ok this blog is basically me atributting a certain one piece character to wiki users, you guys can participate too and give your own opinions on who should be who and why.

    LuffyPirateKing - Trafalgar Law A user know for liking feta cheese and chasing little girls, he may seem intimidating at first but a good guy overall, he fits the Law character becuase Law also handled litle kids and he is also creepy at first but then you realize he is awsome.

    Ricizubi - Enel Well Rici is Enel because not only does he like the character and has had the same avatar for 2 years but he like Enel can be incredibly smart and awsome but also incredibly stupid and restarded. :P

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  • Raptor of Love

    I found this pic on APforums and i thought it was rly cool so im here sharing it with you guys,so i want to know if you people agree with how this tournament will go down or you have a different idea on how it will happen and who will win against who.

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  • Raptor of Love

    Flamingos Cards

    February 27, 2013 by Raptor of Love

    So in chapter 700 when Flamingo is seen talking to Diamante we can see 4 seats,Diamante was seating on the diamond shaped chair,then we can see the heart shaped one that was probably Law's but i might be wrong and it can be someone elses entirely, all in all i find it rly interesting, so who are the other 3 i assume their very powerfull prbly law or vergo level,maybe the sabo hat guy is one of them.

    I hope we get to see "spades hearts and clubs" soon aswell,give me your toughts on Flamingos trump cards.

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  • Raptor of Love

    Mythology in One Piece

    February 25, 2013 by Raptor of Love

    Obviously Oda takes a lot from mythology to create his characters and locations,so my question is what is your favorite Mythology based character and mythology based place,there are numerous one so i will give my personal opinion.

    Favorite Mythological Based Character

    Magellan= Baphomet

    Favorite Mythological Based Location

    Jaya= El Dorado

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  • Raptor of Love


    January 17, 2013 by Raptor of Love

    Hey guys i have decided to make a blog that atributes a certain pokemon to some of our users but feel free to leave your own opinion on who is who in the comments and have fun :)

    My personal opinion is..

    Ricizubi - Red Gyarados

    TheHumaniodTyphoon - Hypno

    Calua - Dragonite

    Marcus Junior - Mew

    Pandawarrior - Milktank

    DancePowderer - Charizard

    Yatanogarsu - Mewtwo

    LuffyPirateKing - Entei 

    Imhungry4444 - Machamp

    Monkey.D.Me - Graveler

    Sergant Alpha - Stantler

    Swimswimfruit - Donphan

    Zoro-san (Marimo) - Gyarados

    Besty17 - Dewgong

    X-RAPTOR - Feraligatr

    CoffeeShopCorpprateRaider (Weirdo) - Hitmontop

    Kuroashi98 - Typhlosion

    StrawHatBoy (SHB) - Diglet

    Galaxy9000 - Ho Oh

    SeaTerror - Gengar

    Sewill - Scyther

    Sff9 - Alakazam

    Neowitch - Suicune

    Sara Mujalid - Bellosom


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