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OK so maybe not for evryone but certainly for me it was a big surprise that Cavendish is actualy strong. Now some of you may not like that statement but upuntil now i seriosly thought that he is just another big mount and that he doesnt have actualy much power to back up his claims of killing the supernovas. However him stopping don Chijanos head but and not flinching is from what i gather pretty amazing even given his age. So at this point if there isnt another ploot twist like another strong character in block D or if he Cavendish is going to gethimself diaqualified i believe that it is back to the old theroy of him being the winner in block D.

Don chinjao. Ok i originaly thought he was strong but not in the are of 500 000 000 strong and it didnt seem like luffy punch phased him that much. I am starting to think that the first brake in the tournamen action will be after the fights of block C because they are going to have to rebuild it. Also i wished that luffy would have made himself known in a bit more flashier manner. But who a i kiding it was just a matter of time before he would be discovered.

The block B fight is pretty much developing as evryone predicted. King prepares himself bellami takes out the little guys and Bartolomeo is just "chillin killin".

So all in all i cant say that i am dissapointed in this chapter because it is important for the development of the characters that we vere introduced to but i think that there were some unnecesary scenes. I mean we could have just jumped forward to the point where the king launches his attack and only Bellamy, Bartolomeo and Ricky are left standing. I am sure that there will be some action very soon in the mean time anyone got any theories of the development of the series with the new facts that were introduced to us ?