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Yeah so i guess you could go watch youtube and see all the videos listing the best , or the funniest, or the most emotional moments ... and i think everyone has their favourite moment in one piece. I think a lot of us here at this wiki have a sort of critical mind about one piece... but all of us here are fans of the series ... and i am sure everyone has a moment in one piece that they felt like a surge of emotions or energy rushing through them .

So what is mine ? Well i could go with any number of moments and i am sure that people that will comment here will definately name all of them. But for me. One of the most emotional and favourite moment in the series is this :

The moment Luffy defeats Rob Lucci and the strawhats are stranded with no means out between 5 vice admirals and 10 battle ships. Then they yell into the ocean and with smiles and tears scream " Get on the going Merry" . It is not the most action packed moment or the most epic reveal or stand off ... but it had so much heart and to me it was extremely unnexpected. One piece is an excelent piece of work with a depth that very few reach. I think that is the reason why One piece is still so beloved. The creator never forgets its characters and gives them these heart warming moments which stay with the reader/watcher through the years.

So that is my favourite moment and seeing as this week we will get to chapter 800 i thougth it would be nice to talk about what got the series to that number. So please share your favourite moments of the series :).