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Ok so i know that many bloggers and users here dont watch the anime. I Both read the manga + watch the anime + watch the specials and movies. So for anyone who doesnt give a "____" about the anime specials or movies can just stop reading.

So one 22.8.2015 the one piece special episode of Sabo aired. Ok i am not goingto review it . I am just gonna say that it was incredibly boring and dissapointing. When we got the episode of luffy or episode of nami specials we were atleast far enaugh removed from the beginning of the series that i could say " ok it has been over a decade i can somewhat understand this but its not for me". Episode of Sabo is basicaly a retelling of the current Arc that has not even finished. It technicaly hasnt even finished in the manga (although we are at the end). So ok when i heared that it was going to be told from Sabos point of view i got excited. "Maybe they will show his early training with Dragon or some interactions with the revolutionaries or some missions he went on". It didnt even have to be any important mission. Just some simple ones when he was starting. But again i say we got nothing out of it. It didnt add anything to the story, nor was it nostalgic considering that we are in this ark.  I want to have future specials. I want them to be interesting and i think they can be. How about a special about Brooke when he was a in the Rumbard pirates. I like the special 3D2Y which i honestly think could have been a filler in the anime because it has almost cougth up with the manga. What kind of future specials would you guys like to see ? Or do you even care for them ? 

Second topic is the new movie to be realesed summer 2016. Now arguably the last two movies ( Z and Strong world) were fairly good movies. I enjoyed them and i sincerely hope that the care that has been put into the last two will also be put into this one. I just hope it wont revolve around Nami being kidnapped (again). What kind of film would you guys/girls and those of you of unspecified gender like to see ? I would realy like to have a movie based around Zoro like the 5th movie was or i would like to see a movie that would test the lengths to which the strawhats go to protect or help luffy. I know it may sound strange but i dont need to see a movie where Luffy kicks but and ultimately its meaningless. I would preffer a movie about the bond of the Straw Hats. Anyway those are my thougths so please share yours.