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There are a lot of characters that have been seen or played but still hold a possiblity of comming back. I am talking about chracters like Moria, Crocodile, Marco (and the others), Shirahoshi, Nefeltari Kobra,... There are a lot of them but right now i am focusing on those that could actualy have an interesting new story for example Crocodile and Moria are two guys who are probably trying to work up in the world it would be a shame if we just saw theme after each ark reading a newspaper.

Marco and the WB pirates lost thair captain but they are still a strong pirate group wil we wee them in action ?

Kobra is by all means a good king. If the revolutionaries plan to overthrow the world goverment a seek out alies why not the kingdom of Alabasta. I just dont see the revolutionaries destrying it.

During the fishman island ark it was hunted on several ocasions that she will play an important role in the future.

Can you name any others or how they could affect the plot ?