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  • Ranger94

    The next Arc

    September 17, 2015 by Ranger94

    So chapter 800 is out and Dressrosa is at an end (probably). So what is next in store for our heroes ?

    Well Zoo probably. This blog wont be so much a prediction than more of possibilities of what is going to happend soon.

    So probably the first thing that is going to happen is the Straw hats reunion and finding the Heart pirates. I think many of us asume that Zoo is going to be a prequel too a figth with Kaido. He seems to be in a position to want to attack the Straw Hats rigth away. Here are some thougths on what i think we migth see in the upcoming arcs as well as some mysteries i would like to see.

    1. It is possible that Oda has already outlined the next two islands to be Zoo and than Wano (as mentioned by Kinemon). I think this would make …

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  • Ranger94

    The Best moment in one piece

    September 13, 2015 by Ranger94

    Yeah so i guess you could go watch youtube and see all the videos listing the best , or the funniest, or the most emotional moments ... and i think everyone has their favourite moment in one piece. I think a lot of us here at this wiki have a sort of critical mind about one piece... but all of us here are fans of the series ... and i am sure everyone has a moment in one piece that they felt like a surge of emotions or energy rushing through them .

    So what is mine ? Well i could go with any number of moments and i am sure that people that will comment here will definately name all of them. But for me. One of the most emotional and favourite moment in the series is this :

    The moment Luffy defeats Rob Lucci and the strawhats are stranded with n…

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  • Ranger94

    Sabo special + 2016 film

    August 23, 2015 by Ranger94

    Ok so i know that many bloggers and users here dont watch the anime. I Both read the manga + watch the anime + watch the specials and movies. So for anyone who doesnt give a "____" about the anime specials or movies can just stop reading.

    So one 22.8.2015 the one piece special episode of Sabo aired. Ok i am not goingto review it . I am just gonna say that it was incredibly boring and dissapointing. When we got the episode of luffy or episode of nami specials we were atleast far enaugh removed from the beginning of the series that i could say " ok it has been over a decade i can somewhat understand this but its not for me". Episode of Sabo is basicaly a retelling of the current Arc that has not even finished. It technicaly hasnt even finishe…

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  • Ranger94

    Ok so I find Shanks as a very interesting character. He was intriduced to us we early on and slowly we kind of got hints about him and his status. Even now can we actualy say much about him ? 

    1. He is from west blue.

    2.He was on board of rogers ship with buggy.

    3. He got a scar from Black beard.

    4. He was present at Rogers execution.

    5. He dueled with Mihawk.

    6. He has conquerors Haki.

    7. He is a yonko.

    So we know a lot and still not realy anything. My question for anyone reading this blog is. Do you think he wants to be the pirate king or he just wants to have adventures ?

    So i originaly thougth that Shanks is just for the whole adventure and having a good time thing. Like maybe he is preparing the worl for Luffy to take over and becaming the pir…

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  • Ranger94

    So i haven't  been here for a few years and i have this theory in my mind that i think is probably gonna happen (so you can take it as a prediction) for the future of our second favourite red head on the manga. If anyone has already made a blog about this than yo can just ignore this. I just have this idea i want to discuss and get out of my head. So for those that are interested here goes. PS : Not born in a native english speaking country so sorry for bad grammar.

    So Shanks. I think Shanks similarly to Mihavk are very interesting characters. We were introduced to them so early in the series and yet no so little thing about them. Later we learned what kind of strength these men posses and still i wonder what their goals are. What there rol…

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