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first step

hey guys

i've been on this wikia for a couple off weeks now but i laid low for a bit just checking out other blogs every once in a while and posting a few off my thoughts. but i keep reading these awesome things u guys write (not only here but on ship of fools as well) and i just wanted to be part of it all.

so here's my first blog, nothing special but to the point. it's about new devil fruits for known characters. kaku & kalifa both ate a df after their first appearance, but besides them i can't think of anyone who got a new df power during the current storyline. who (of characters we allready know) do u think should eat a df and why? also what kind of fruit do you think they should eat?

hope you enjoy my first question for you and that i can be part of the community

(btw call me random :p)

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