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Randomized Devil Fruit Game

Hello dudes and lady dudes, who wants to get a random Devil Fruit? 

How to Play

Click on the provided link: " ", and change the number from 100 to 78. It'll generate a random number that'll determine which power you get. 


1. Once you get a Devil Fruit, it's yours forever. No takebacks. 

2. Be honest, don't be a weiner. 

(I got 60, the Dice Dice Fruit. Yay~ Now it's your turn.) 

  1. Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Jackal
  2. Stitch Stitch Fruit
  3. Gum Gum Fruit
  4. Slow Slow Fruit
  5. String String Fruit
  6. Bubble Bubble Fruit
  7. Snake Snake Fruit, Model: Anaconda
  8. Tremor Tremor Fruit
  9. Bug Bug Fruit, Model: Rhinoceros Beetle
  10. Wheel Wheel Fruit
  11. Human Human Fruit, Model: Buddha
  12. Snip Snip Fruit
  13. Spike Spike Fruit
  14. Flame Flame Fruit
  15. Stone Stone Fruit
  16. Mole Mole Fruit
  17. Rumble Rumble Fruit
  18. Ice Ice Fruit
  19. Spring Spring Fruit
  20. Dark Dark Fruit
  21. Kilo Kilo Fruit
  22. Love Love Fruit
  23. Swim Swim Fruit
  24. Bug Bug Fruit, Model: Hornet
  25. Venom Venom Fruit
  26. Ripple Ripple Fruit
  27. Swamp Swamp Fruit
  28. Pop Pop Fruit
  29. Door Door Fruit
  30. Bird Bird Fruit, Model: Falcon
  31. Hollow Hollow Fruit
  32. Gas Gas Fruit
  33. Human Human Fruit
  34. Sala Sala Fruit, Model: Axolotl
  35. Snow Snow Fruit
  36. Hobby Hobby Fruit
  37. Clone Clone Fruit
  38. Stick Stick Fruit
  39. Arms Arms Fruit
  40. Float Float Fruit
  41. Ox Ox Fruit, Model: Bison
  42. Barrier Barrier Fruit
  43. Glint Glint Fruit
  44. Paw Paw Fruit
  45. Op Op Fruit
  46. Flower Flower Fruit
  47. Cat Cat Fruit, Model: Leopard
  48. Snake Snake Fruit, Model: King Cobra
  49. Sand Sand Fruit
  50. Heal Heal Fruit
  51. Wash Wash Fruit
  52. Berry Berry Fruit
  53. Plume Plume Fruit
  54. Smooth Smooth Fruit
  55. Clear Clear Fruit
  56. Spin Spin Fruit
  57. Mark Mark Fruit
  58. Horse Horse Fruit
  59. Revive Revive Fruit
  60. Dice Dice Fruit
  61. Ox Ox Fruit, Model: Giraffe
  62. Art Art Fruit
  63. Bomb Bomb Fruit
  64. Mag Mag Fruit
  65. Cage Cage Fruit
  66. Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Dachshund
  67. Horm Horm Fruit
  68. Elephant Elephant Fruit
  69. Glare Glare Fruit
  70. Jacket Jacket Fruit
  71. Calm Calm Fruit
  72. Munch Munch Fruit
  73. Rust Rust Fruit
  74. Chop Chop Fruit
  75. Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Wolf
  76. Shadow Shadow Fruit
  77. Wax Wax Fruit
  78. Ton Ton Fruit

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