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Greetings, pirate fanatics. I'm back once again on my quest to discover the fullest potential of certain Devil Fruits. 

Today, I'm going to talk about the Suke Suke no Mi, or the Clear Clear Fruit. 

Please note, these are strictly my headcanons as to what a Devil Fruit is capable of. Nothing is official unless Oda says so. 

At first glance, this Paramecia fruit seems to be a limited grab bag, allowing its eater to turn invisible as well as anything he/she touches. 

On the contrary, the Clear Clear Fruit CAN have some extra tricks to it, if you're interested in the whole "Smoke and Mirrors" approach. 

The most obvious tactic is hiding from Kenbunshoku Haki by turning your "aura" invisible. 

Another idea is to have someone chase after you and then make them run into an invisible wall. 

Also, if you turn someone's head invisible, they would become completely blind, because vision is about light bouncing off surfaces into your eyes. If light just passes through you, you wouldn't be able to see. The wielder of the Clear Clear Fruit would be immune to that, obviously. 

You could turn a small portion of a wall or floor invisible, perfect for spying on people. 

And finally, by turning large portions of the ground invisible, you can pretend you're creating bottomless pits, which can scare the crap out of enemies and discourage them from chasing after you. 

What do you think?