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  • RandomKing57

    Greetings, pirate fanatics. I'm back once again on my quest to discover the fullest potential of certain Devil Fruits. 

    Today, I'm going to talk about the Suke Suke no Mi, or the Clear Clear Fruit. 

    Please note, these are strictly my headcanons as to what a Devil Fruit is capable of. Nothing is official unless Oda says so. 

    At first glance, this Paramecia fruit seems to be a limited grab bag, allowing its eater to turn invisible as well as anything he/she touches. 

    On the contrary, the Clear Clear Fruit CAN have some extra tricks to it, if you're interested in the whole "Smoke and Mirrors" approach. 

    The most obvious tactic is hiding from Kenbunshoku Haki by turning your "aura" invisible. 

    Another idea is to have someone chase after you and then…

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  • RandomKing57

    When it comes to Devil Fruits, I have a habit of thinking about how much potential each one has. I believe that there are no bad Devil Fruits, only bad users. (Unless it's one of those crappy non-canon ones.) 

    So let's begin with my favorite Logia fruit: The Yuki Yuki no Mi. 

    Please Note:

    These are strictly my headcanons as to what a Devil Fruit is capable of doing. Nothing is official unless Oda says so.

    Many people don't give this fruit enough credit because it's considered inferior to the Hie Hie no Mi, because it's not as strong of a freezing agent as it. 

    But freezing things solid is not where this fruit's potential lies. After digging up some research, I learned that the Snow Fruit is like the distant cousin to the Suna Suna no Mi, and is…

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  • RandomKing57

    Your chances of surviving the New World are very slim unless you are under the protection of one of the four Yonkos. So the question is, which one of them would you want to work for? 

    I would work under Blackbeard. For the time being, the guy is seemingly invincible with his two Devil Fruit powers and his ten battleship battalion. Plus, he seems to be a pretty stand up guy and having him as a friend would be awesome. 

    Not to mention, if he's beaten by Luffy, falls into the water, and dies, I can swipe his Dark Dark Fruit and slip away into obscurity. 

    Your turn. 

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  • RandomKing57

    It has been shown on numerous occasions that there are certain Devil Fruits that can counter other Devil Fruits: 

    Gomu Gomu no Mi > Goro Goro no Mi

    Doru Doru no Mi > Doku Doku no Mi 

    Magu Magu no Mi > Mera Mera no Mi 

    So I'm wondering if there are any other counters to Devil Fruits. This will be fun. 

    Here's what I thought up:

    Doa Doa no Mi > Bari Bari no Mi 

    Toge Toge no Mi > Hana Hana no Mi 

    Your turn!

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  • RandomKing57


    I believe that Boa Hancock's unmatched beauty is the result of her Devil Fruit powers. 

    Allow Me To Explain: 

    The Love Love Fruit gives the power to turn anyone who feels attraction towards the eater to stone. 

    Its powers wouldn't be very effective if the eater's looks were "average".

    Also, certain Paramecia Devil Fruits in the past have had body altering properties: Luffy's rubbery body, Alvida's instant weight loss, Daz Bones' hard as steel skin, and Sugar's eternal Youth. So it is just as likely that Hancock's DF could be capable of something similar. 

    And while it IS true that Hancock doesn't appear to look too different from when she was younger, when your beauty can attract anyone regardless of age or gender, I'm pretty sure th…

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