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okay simple question hat would you like to say to all ONE PIECE HATERS in general or specific?

for me here:

1st: the one who doesn't read/watch one piece ever but hate it because of its art style/ the one who watch the first episodes but hate it beacuse of its art style

-you stupid try watching/reading it from the beggining till now and you will find it interesting if you really just ant a good art anime/manga don't say one piece is stupid!

2nd: the one who hate it because of it concept PIRACY

-if you ever read/watch one piece you will know that piracy isn't bad and how the heck did pirates of caribbean sells worldwide if piracy is bad

3rd: the one who hat one piece because they are fans of other anime/manga(ex. naruto or bleach) and thinks they are so much better that other anime/maga stinks

-I admit i'm an otaku i admire naruto/bleach/other anime/manga there where good but my favorite is one piece and even though i like one piece i ould not dare say your favorite anime/manga stinks because of this reason just be fair and read/watch one piece beafore you say you hate it

4th: the one who hate one piece beacuse of 4kids dubbed

-really it is 4kids faut that one piece impression sucks in some countries their cuts and edits what's up with that but please atch/read one piece again the original version and i'm pretty sure you will like it

5th: One Piece Haters in general

- what the fuck is your problem with one piece. there is so many evidence that one piece is good try it before you hate it and i'm pretty sure you will enjoy it

how about you?

P.S.: the reason i write this blog is beacuse i came across a site that all they say is one piece is full of bull shits and i was like WHAT!!! so i decided to write this blog to know how you fellow one piece fans will defend one piece? PLEASE NO TROLLING!!!