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Rainelz December 4, 2011 User blog:Rainelz

Since the fishman island arc is coming to an end it can't help but ask what will be the next arc? i'm sure it is in the new world while thinking it hit me there is a big concentration about the reverie in the fishman island arc and since hody said it is drawing near mostly with in the one piece year i think the next arc would be REVERIE ARC. Not sure how ill it happen but i got this feeling that the straw hat ill surely interfere with this year's reverie maybe the next island is a kingdom in help and hopefully they see vivi in this arc.

Evidence: i dont have an evidence yet but seeing that oda has some kind of focus in this year's reverie within the fishman island and alabsta cover story i think it will affect the straw hat pirates somehow? Any thoughts?

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