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  • RaftelIsland

    I think that there is a connection between (sugar and monet) and clover.

    First Oda has told us that sugar and monet are sisters. Second they joined the Donquixote Pirates after they were rescued from a terrible tragedy by donquixote doflamingo, then gained their devil fruits.

    So "Why" did doflamingo rescue them. -- They must have had some importance.

    First lets look at symbology

    Monet has been seen with books about astronomy -- clover had a solar system model

    Both Monet and Sugar have green hair -- Clover has green hair

    Sugar works under Trebol who has the clover symbol to represent him -- Clover's (name and hairstyle)

    Monet's fruit is named the yuki yuki not mi. Monet is representive of a yuki onna. A yuki onna is a snow woman. She can represent…

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